Let’s Talk Nazis

Just last week, Other Side came under fire for posting side by side pictures of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and Adolf Hitler, and while he had a reasonable explanation for posting those pictures, he still came under fire for his use of a photo of Adolf Hitler. Predictably, conservatives voiced some of the strongest opinions on the issue, and so I wonder if those same folks will now focus their outrage on Kevin Fischer.

See, last weekend Fischer spent some time blogging about the Wisconsin DNR, and here’s what he had to say:

The Wisconsin wing of the Nazi Party, the DNR did get involved. (“Now we’re getting somewhere” thought the litigious mob).

Fischer – who by the way doesn’t look nearly as corpulent on television as he does in the photo posted on his blog – doesn’t seem to think it’s in poor taste to compare entire state agencies – and by default those folks who work at said agencies – to Nazi, which I find to be curious, given the fact that the Nazis were responsible for killing millions of Jews, while all the DNR has done to warrant a Fischer comparison to Nazis seems to be the approval of a permit for a waterpark.

So where’s the outrage from folks on the right? It’s been a little over a week, and yet not one conservative that I’ve seen has called Fischer to task for his comparison.

Edit: Michael Mathias over at Pundit Nation, James Rowen at The Political Environment, and capper over at Whallah! have more on this story.


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Nazis

  1. I like watching him on TV. He sits smushed into a chair that he is too big for, and we he gets himself all worked up, he flails around like a turtle on its back.

    Of course, he talks nonsense, but don’t they all?

  2. capper, I don’t mind a well-reasoned conservative argument, but him comparing the DNR to the Nazis is beyond the pale and not in good taste.

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