NRA apologizes to pro-gun extremists for calling them “scary” and “weird”

Well it certainly didn’t take long for the NRA to cave to its extremist base.

After momentarily flashing some measure of sanity and independence by asking open-carry activists not to congregate at Chipotle and other fast food restaurants, the NRA has apologized for saying that walking around in public with an assault rifle slung over your shoulder is, to many people, “scary” and “weird.”

Appearing on NRA radio, Chris Cox, NRA spokesman, described the whole incident as “a distraction” and a “mistake.”

“There was some confusion,” Cox explained, “we apologize, again, for any confusion that that post caused.” Cox went on to say that the initial statement ”shouldn’t have happened” and described it as the “personal opinion” of its author. “Our job is not to criticize the lawful behavior of fellow gun owners,” Cox added.

When I think of the folks running the NRA, I can’t help but think of this:


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3 thoughts on “NRA apologizes to pro-gun extremists for calling them “scary” and “weird”

  1. Just because the Open Carry Texas folks CAN doesn’t mean that they SHOULD (stage those events). I think that’s how the NRA feels, but oh my gosh can’t say it.
    You know my general stance in this department, but I would be disturbed and I would leave any place if a bunch of people showed up like the OCT folks. It’s just not necessary.

  2. There was some confusion? Uh, no.

    The NRA knows it’s starting to lose ground on open carry and stand your ground laws. So the “weird” comment was meant to make the NRA appear normal, balanced and reasonable to the general population. Texas Open Carry, stalkers and harrassers of handicapped women and moms with children called them out on it.

    See what happens when you invite trouble? It comes in swarms. Stir up the masses with false taking points about constitutional rights, tell them the government is coming to take their guns, embed fear into their psyche,

    They have created the monster. But, like Frankenstein, they can’t control it.

    This Jon Stewart piece really lays it out.

    Cut to the 4:12 mark for the crux.

    (Jon Stewart) Here’s where we are. The NRA and the open carry folks support the right to carry weapons where ever you want even if those weapons are going to terrify everyone around you.

    Here’s what else they support.

    (Wayne Lapierre) “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

    (Jon Stewart) See where we are?… We are at the intersection of Open Carry Road and Stand Your Ground Place…

    Here’s where we are.
    (news clip of man carrying an automatic weapon.) “This is legal. If you want to do this you can. If you don’t use your rights, you lose them.”

    (News clip of woman) “It scares people to see a bunch of guys with huge guns.”

    (News clip of George Zimmerman’s lawyer) “Stand your ground, what that law says it that if you’re acting in a reasonable belief or fear of great bodily injury or death, then you are allowed to respond to that with deadly force.”

    (Wayne Lapierre) “This duty to retreat may sound fine in an ivy league cocktail party, it doesn’t work very well in the real world of crime victims.”

    (Jon Stewart) “So, what the F@ck are we supposed to do now?! According to the NRA’s basic principles you have a ‘right to carry a weapon’ that may cause a resonable person to believe they are in danger of great bodily injury. And they have a right, if they feel that way to respond with deadly force. It’s a perpetual violence machine. It’s gun fight at the Golden Corral!

    Wait a minute! This isn’t an argument about freedom at all, is it? This whole thing’s a *bleep* business plan for arms dealers. Son of a b*tch…

  3. Moreover, as a gun owner, I am appalled at the way so many of these open carry nuts handle their firearms. Pointing firearms sideways with finger on the trigger, letting high powered firearms hang downward toward their feet, waving them while talking. Seriously dudes? . Take a firearm safety class!

    It makes me insane just watching them.

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