Scott Walker makes it clear how little he cares about the mentally ill

This is absolutely disgusting.

Gov. Scott Walker missed the deadline Monday to name all members to a new board to oversee mental health care in Milwaukee County.

Walker named seven of his 11 appointments but needs more information before he can name the other four, according to Laurel Patrick, his spokeswoman.

It’s worth noting Gov. Walker has had months to make his selections to these very important positions, but apparently he’s been really really busy:

Absolutely no one should be surprised that Gov. Walker failed to name all members to the new board to oversee mental health care in Milwaukee County, given the general lack of regard Walker demonstrated for the mentally ill during his time as County Executive, not to mention the disdain towards the mentally ill demonstrated by his closest aides, one of whom (Kelly Rindfleisch) once referred to county mental health facilities as “the loony bin” and also claimed “no one cares about crazy people.”


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