This makes me smile, because hilarity will no doubt ensue.

With the 2016 mayoral election nearly two long years away, south side alderman Bob Donovan told several hundred cheering friends and supporters Tuesday night that he will challenge Mayor Tom Barrett.

Donovan, a four-term alderman and a frequent critic of the mayor on such hot-button issues as public safety and the streetcar project, made his announcement official Tuesday night at a rally at American Serb Hall, 5101 W. Oklahoma Ave.

Donovan said Milwaukee’s greatest challenge was “timidity of leadership,” and emphasized the point later, referring to the “muck and mire of indecision and timidity.”

Earlier in the day, he filed papers with the Milwaukee Election Commission.

While I was not surprised by Bob Donovan’s announcement that he plans on running for mayor in 2016, I was surprised he didn’t make his announcement from a bathroom stall at UWM’s Mitchell Hall, a location he frequented “for years for the purpose of either watching men masturbate…”

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3 Responses to Bob Donovan to run for Milwaukee Mayor in 2016 – someone get the popcorn!

  1. CJ McD says:

    Serb Hall? You mean union employee busting Serb Hall. Nice choice Bob. Show us your stripes.

  2. Diane says:

    You are claiming to welcome and promote a healthy (and sometimes heated) discussion. Then why make childish comments like the one above regarding “bathrooms”? It would be like leaving a comment about Barrett, That this is a “slap in the face” just like the one he received from his supporter after loosing to Walker for the SECOND time.

    • Diane, I made an exception for Bob Donovan, given his rank hypocrisy.

      After all, this is the same man who’s made a career out of talking tough on crime while refusing to really explain or apologize for his own criminal behavior.

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