Bloomberg PAC makes $150,000 ad buy against Sheriff David Clarke

I can’t remember the last time Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke faced an ad barrage of this magnitude as he faced reelection.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s political action committee, Independence USA, has purchased $150,833 in television ads in an effort to defeat Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and support his opponent, Milwaukee police Lt. Chris Moews.

In response to the news of Bloomberg’s ads, Clarke said in a statement: “I trust the voters. The voters can’t be bought.”

The ad buys by Bloomberg’s PAC come on top of $400,000 in media ads purchased by the Greater Wisconsin Committee to try to beat Clarke, who is seeking his fourth term in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election.


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1 thought on “Bloomberg PAC makes $150,000 ad buy against Sheriff David Clarke

  1. If Moews wins that will be the first time in a long a long time democrats have won a contested election in Milwaukee county. Clark is basically a Zell Miller level democrat. It will be interesting to see what happens because the voters in Clark’s camp really stick with him.

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