Conservative publishes smear piece attacking DA John Chisholm’s wife

This is absolutely disgusting, and it shows the lengths some conservatives will go to in order to discredit Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm because he dared investigate (and successfully prosecute) misconduct in public office by employees of then-County Executive Scott Walker.

Right now, the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago is hearing oral arguments about whether the John Doe investigation into alleged illegal coordination between Gov. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Club for Growth (and other organizations) is legal. 

Reporters aren’t allowed to bring in electronic devices, so very little information is seeping out.

Instead, Twitter is aflame with an article in a right-wing publication that uses an anonymous attack on the wife of District Attorney John Chisholm.

It’s sickening.

The article alleges that Mrs. Chisholm, a public school teacher who’s a union member (allegedly), somehow cried so hard over Walker’s Act 10 that Chisholm felt compelled to go on witch hunt and bring down Walker and his crew.

The accusation comes from an unnamed prosecutor in the DA’s office.


Instead of sticking with the facts at hand, the right wing is now attacking Mrs. Chisholm, speculating, “Was prosecutor’s union-operative wife behind John Doe investigation of Scott Walker?”

Stuart Taylor’s hit piece on DA Chisholm is disgusting on a number of levels, but the fact that he resorted to using Chisholm’s wife as a means of attacking Chisholm is particularly despicable.

In the interest of allowing you to read the report by Stuart Taylor, Jr. in its entirety, here it is.


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6 thoughts on “Conservative publishes smear piece attacking DA John Chisholm’s wife

  1. Zach, thanks.

    I don’t understand the strategy. The whole backbone of Walker’s defense has been that D.A. Chisholm cleared him.

    1. John- Oh, I understand the strategy, and Walker ain’t cleared. Randa’s ruling is likely to be thrown out, and this case goes WAY up the food chain including and past Scott Walker. These guys are going full-on Nixon because they’re trying to poison the well.

  2. The right wing is doubling down on this vicious attack on the character of DA John Chisholm’s wife. WISN’s Mark Belling launched an even more disgusting tirade directed at Chisholm’s wife in the last hour of the Thursday show. In ripping Chisholm’s wife, Belling made numerous derogatory slurs against her, including calling her a “Crybaby Whining Teacher” and a “Degenerate Union Hack” who doesn’t belong in a classroom in the St. Francis school district.

    How low will the right wing go to stop the pursuit of justice investigation against Governor Walker? Who will be the next target of the right wing smear machine?

    1. Hmmm, wonder if Belling will mention that the “unnamed source” is a dirty cop on disability that threatened Chisholm’s life, as we found out today? I’m sure he and Icki will apologize profusely for attacking based on a sketchy-at-best source with major motive.

      We’ll be waiting….but hey, they got the lie out to their steeple of listeners, so mission accomplished.

      Once Randa is reversed, DROP THE BOMB ON THESE PEOPLE. Don’t get mad, get even.

  3. Its sad right wing groups have open records requested all of his and her work emails receipts etc.and have ha them for along time and have got nothing out of it except a teacher corresponding about her LDL students. I am sure the kids parents like all of this, very sad indeed.

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