More Paul Ryan…..

In the “throw the incumbents out” election year, Paul Ryan was re-elected overwhelmingly, despite representing three of the highest unemployment centers in the state. Rewarding him for a job well done i guess. Another example of why I call it “the year of dumb”.

Paul Ryan is the court jester


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7 thoughts on “More Paul Ryan…..

  1. Paul Ryan voted for TARP – he stays
    Russ Feingold opposed TARP – he’s gone
    Paul Ryan supported the Iraq War – he stays
    Russ Feingold objected to the Iraq War – he’s gone
    Ryan voted for the Patriot Act – he stays
    Feingold opposed the Patriot Act – he’s gone

    Ryan supported the $750 billion/1 year TARP despite constituents 100 to 1 opposed – he stays

    Feingold supported the $900 billion/10 years health Care Reform despite constituents 2 to 1 opposed – he’s gone.

    Ryan’s the Tea Party candidate
    Johnson’s the Tea party candidate

    Feingold is not.

    None of it makes sense. “Year of dumb” is too kind.

    1. Feingold votes for Obamacare even though “the bill is far from perfect” mainly because it lacked a public option.

      Feingold votes against Finance Reform because “it doesn’t do the job” even though there are some good things in the bill.

      So neither bill goes far enough, yet he voted for one and not the other. Ummm….

      And don’t forget that he voted against Clinton’s healthcare plan in the 90’s because it wasn’t single-payer and gave too much to the insurance industry! Hehe, can someone remind me what Obamacare did again?

      You call him a maverick, I call him inconsistent.

  2. Cameron showing the hypocrisy is not insulting them its showing their mistake. How about trying to explain the above instead of a straw man argument

    1. By the way, does your logic of economic status of representatives’ constituents apply to Gwen Moore? Her congressional district has long been a Democratic stronghold, yet is in an economic stone age. Last week, she supported the train on the basis that it could get low-income workers in her district to jobs in Dane County and in stops along the way…right…at $30 to $40 per trip (assuming it stays that low roundtrip).

      While I was no fan of the TARP vote that Ryan supported (begrudgingly…he was quoted as saying “the bill sucks, but it has to pass”), he has been consistent in his criticism of the ballooning discretionary spending (whether or not you include the stimulus) and is quick to cite language in the respective bills and has specific plans of his own (the Roadmap for America’s Future).

      Considering how “dumb” conservatives and TEA partiers apparently are, it is a wonder they made it to the polls at all. Then again, maybe the trouble was that the Silver-Tongued Orator (a.k.a. “The One”) just could not dumb his ideas down quite enough to make us little people understand.

      People did not like being yanked way to the left and the Democrats paid for it dearly. Ir will happen again in 2012 unless they learn that the U.S. is not a far-left nation, but more of a center-right nation.

      It may also help to edit some of your posts before ripping conservatives and TEA partiers for being stupid. Otherwise that can lead to a pot-calling-the-kettle-black moment.

  3. He so opposed the TARP bill that i believe his quote was “heaven help us if we dont pass it.” So he was for it before he was against it.

    lets also not forget he was adamant we pass the original TARP bill written by Paulson that gave him complete control with no oversight whatsoever from anyone on how he spent the billions. we were not even allowed to ask. This bill was so extreme most repubs wouldnt vote for it.

    It is not surprising that, medicare part D and Iraq war loving, Paul ryan would vote for it with no oversight. An ideological hack like ryan thinks that all Dems are evil and repubs can do no wrong.

  4. Ryan has been in office since 1999 and had a hand in turning a healthy budget surplus into a gaping deficit. TARP was one piece of it. Tax cuts for millionaires is another.Ryan voted YES on Iraq, a multi-year black hole of a budget killer. YES on the unfunded liability of Medicare Part D. So Baggers: STFU about deficits. Your boy created them.

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