Democratic Party of Wisconsin sends out mailer highlighting Amy Sue Vruwink’s strong relationship with Scott Walker

For the love of God….really?!?!?

It’s odd enough to see a mailer for a veteran Democratic legislator that highlights her strong relationship with Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

“Governor Scott Walker trusts Amy Sue Vruwink on agricultural issues,” says the recent flier promoting the Milladore Democrat. “Governor Scott Walker tried to have her as one of his leaders in the Department of Agriculture.”

The ad features a pleasant picture of Vruwink standing with the first-term Republican governor, both of them all smiles. It also quotes, approvingly, a staffer for the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the state’s business lobby, praising Vruwink. Her National Rifle Association endorsement is cited prominently.

But the real surprise is the disclaimer.

“Paid for by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin,” it says. “Mike Tate, chair.”

After spending years portraying Gov. Walker as the enemy, it’s stunning to see Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate authorize a mailer that highlights an incumbent Democratic State Representative’s strong relationship with Gov. Scott Walker, a man who has made it his mission to destroy everything the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is supposed to stand for.

This mailer is precisely why so many in Wisconsin (and nationally) hate politics and politicians – because of how cynical and duplicitous those in politics can be.


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3 thoughts on “Democratic Party of Wisconsin sends out mailer highlighting Amy Sue Vruwink’s strong relationship with Scott Walker

  1. Zach, Tate didn’t put out a mailer supporting Walker, he put out a mailer supporting a vulnerable Assembly Democrat incumbant in a rural district that’s been gerrymandered against her. The reality is that Walker is popular in her district. The reality is that Wisconsin is better off with Vruwink in that seat instead of a Republican. So be it. It ain’t pretty, but that’s reality.

    1. Nowhere did I write that Tate put out a mailer supporting Walker; I simply noted that it’s stunning to see a mailer sent out by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin highlighting the strong relationship between and Assembly Democrat and Gov. Walker, given how hard the DPW has worked to portray Gov. Walker as being so diametrically opposed to what Democrats stand for.

  2. Although I’ve known Amy Sue for several years and contributed to her campaign, she’s not my Assembly Rep. She related a disturbing public attack upon her to me at a Dem meeting awhile back because she represents all residents in her district.

    I called her early this morning to wish her well and that I support her efforts to which she expressed her appreciation.

    As regards Walker’s job offer, we must remember that similarly, Senator Vinehout was offered a position in the Walker Administration.

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