Ebola: Ask the GOP Where the Hell the Surgeon General Is

Today President Obama fed into the national hysteria surrounding the Ebola virus by appointing a bureaucrat to the inventive pseudo-post of Ebola-czar. But shouldn’t we have an experienced medico at the helm. Maybe get someone involved…like maybe the SURGEON GENERAL?

So where the hell is the Surgeon General? Well apparently we don’t have one because the GOP Senators and NRA are holding up President Obama’s nominee for the post…since November 14, 2013.

When the Sunday morning TV shows needed to talk to an official with the Obama administration about the deadly Ebola virus on American soil, longtime senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer was sent out to reassure the American people.

Don’t get me wrong. Dan’s a nice guy, but when there is a health crisis in this country, I want to hear from a doctor, not a political guy with no health experience at all.

But thanks to the National Rifle Association, impotent Senate Democrats, and an Obama White House unwilling to engage in a fierce battle for one of its nominees, Dr. Vivek H. Murthy isn’t the person who is speaking to the nation.

In fact, November 14 will mark the one-year anniversary of President Obama appointing Murthy as surgeon general, replacing Dr. Regina Benjamin. Murthy had his Senate confirmation hearings in February, but since then? Nothing. All we’ve seen is the kind of bullshit political games that come to define this cesspool known as Washington, D.C., which does more to drive good people away from public service.

What are the crimes Murthy has committed? He hasn’t kissed the ass of the National Rifle Association, and has called for gun restrictions in order to keep more Americans healthy.

That’s right. A doctor, whose job is to treat the sick and to actually keep folks alive and make their lives better, is being delayed ascension to the nation’s top medical spot because he believes that too many Americans are being shot and killed.

And because you have a bunch of weak, impotent, no-guts Democrats who are more focused on their re-election instead of standing up for a medical doctor, Murthy has been twisting in the wind for the last 11 months, and based on previous judicial battles, may never get to serve in the job.

While the usual suspects on Capitol Hill bemoan President Obama’s lack of leadership in the face of this Ebola crisis, exclaiming and expounding on how he is putting the health of Americans at risk…the same spineless no nothings are the ones in fact putting our health at risk by refusing to confirm an experienced medico for Surgeon General. And where the hell are the Democrats who refuse to push this forward? And instead of an Ebola czar, why isn’t the President demanding confirmation of the SG to be the medical face of the Administration. Or why didn’t he name Dr. Murthy the czar? What a circus.


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3 thoughts on “Ebola: Ask the GOP Where the Hell the Surgeon General Is

  1. And don’t forget what state party did away with paid sick leave in Milwaukee after it was chosen by those voters as something they wanted and needed.

    Be it colds, flu or influenza or worse, thanks state Republicans for thinking about our public health and safety.

  2. Seriously Ed? No one saw this coming.
    The President had many options. Still does. And he should start using them. Maybe nominate someone else. ?? Just a wild idea. Too little too late for this event.

  3. No one saw this coming? Bullshit…this isn’t the first time there has been a serious outbreak of Ebola in Africa…but it’s in Africa so until it hits the homeland…it’s pretty much who gives a shit.

    And regardless, the jerks in Washington…from the West Wing to the Capitol are derelict in not confirming a SG…one way or another.

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