Sean Duffy is a public health menace

Sean Duffy is not known for his stellar intellect, which is a charitable characterization of him. But just when you thought he couldn’t get much dimmer he digs deep and goes the extra mile.

Appearing on MSNBC this morning Duffy spoke to host Jose Diaz-Balart and delivered this gem:  “I think a lot of parents who are smart, well-read — they’re the ones who are choosing not to vaccinate. And oftentimes, those who may not be as well-read — they are vaccinating. “

Wow. A mediocre lawyer and sub-optimal legislator is now a ” well read ” expert on the risks and benefits of vaccinations. What has Sean been reading? Please, Congressman, post your reading list on your website and enlighten us all.

It’s bad enough that Duffy is exposing his own children to harmful, preventable diseases, but with his public stage he’s in a position to influence other people to do the same, which puts all of our children and grandchildren at risk.

This is as wildly reckless a statement as a public figure, and especially an elected official,  can make.  Vaccines are one of the greatest success stories in the history of public health, sparing tens and maybe hundreds of thousands of children from the suffering, permanent disability and even death associated with a wide variety of preventable diseases.

I think Duffy has an absolute obligation to immediately post on his official website both his reading list and a list of the vaccinations he’s decided his children don’t need. As it stands right now he’s a public health menace.



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14 thoughts on “Sean Duffy is a public health menace

  1. FYI: I heard a great big ol’ dog-whistle about the Gardasil vaccine in one of Duffy’s interviews… where he talked about getting the vaccines that align with your family’s “morals”.

  2. I came across this article yesterday in my [f] news feed. So, for once Sean Duffy said something intelligent and indisputable. Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while. Facts are facts, Steve. The United States vaccine court (technically the United States Court of Federal Claims) has since 1986 paid out over $2.35 BILLION dollars through its Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

    From my research into this topic, I have come to the following conclusions:
    (a) While there are autism spectrum disorders caused by the MMR vaccine, many other disorders are caused by virtually all vaccines, a proposition that is proven by decisions of the vaccine court and subsequent awardings of compensation.
    (b) Vaccines are not nearly as effective as claimed.
    (c) The increase in the number of vaccines routinely given causes more disorders due to synergy.
    (d) The very early age at which vaccines are given causes many injuries.
    (e) The immunity imparted by natural means is far superior to that acquired through the use of vaccines.
    (f) The risk benefit analysis involved in the choice to vaccinate is largely skewed.
    (g) The profit motive of pharmaceutical companies is the main reason vaccines are developed and promoted.
    (h) There is a joint effort of corporations and government to cover up these facts.
    (i) Propaganda regarding vaccine resistance shows a consistent thread that ignores scientific and legal data, and which paints vaccine resistance as emotional, ignorant and superstitious. At the same time, propaganda in favor of vaccinating is full of dishonesty and logical faults.

    I’m working on a comprehensive article that will document everything I’ve just said, and will be published on Blogging Blue, where peer review is welcomed. Here are a couple of related links.
    and this video

    In the meantime, I would implore you to carefully consider statements which just might give ammunition to Fox News in their characterization of liberals.

    1. JRB,

      “Peer-reviewed,” on Blogging Blue? No one here is qualified. If you want to post about it, you link to peer-reviewed science.

      SC just pawned you with the small pox argument.

      If vaccines are so lethal, how did you survive? Or were you not vaccinated as a child?

      W/R/T your concerns about Big Pharma, who manufactures current vaccines, by all means educate us about possible safety issues, but that’s not about vaccines, and the scientific underpinnings of CENTURIES of success, that’s about how they’re currently manufactured.

      Until this point I have always had great respect for everything you’ve written. I won’t allow your comment here to wipe all that away, but this comment forces me to read your stuff more carefully.

  3. Jim,

    Are you going to claim that this story is a hoax? Smallpox eradication through vaccines is a profit seeking hoax? You have a lot of history with Native America, Jim. Are you going to tell me that natural immunity to small pox was effective with the indigenous people of North America? Do you think if the tribes would have had access to a smallpox vaccine, and understood what it was, that they would have had their people vaccinated?

  4. Jim,

    Your final statement, imploring me to not give Fox News ammo with which to characterize liberals, presumably as big government types oppressing the freedom of the people, is nothing short of deranged. So I should ignore the indisputable history of public health success stories so as not to give Bill O’Reilly ammo against liberals? Really, Jim. Really? Do you realize what you’re saying?

  5. It took me a long while to comprehensively prove my point, Steve Carlson. But, here it is, in support of each point I made in my earlier comment. Just go to this link, and read it before you comment back. I have great respect for your intellect and ethics. It is just that you have been filled with incorrect information. As computer programmers say, “garbage in, garbage out.”

  6. All aspects of medical care or treatment; i.e., surgery. radiation.prescriptions. over the counter medication, vaccinations, etc may have some form of risk or reaction in combination with our individual tolerance and age ranging from none to severe.

    Having served in the military and born in 1931, I’ve taken almost every known vaccine including, most recently, last year’s flu shot. it would seem that the preponderance of the evidence, or lack thereof, I have seen over the years in family, friends, school mates, co-workers, neighbors, and other associations would support only the fact that the cause for autism remains unknown.

    In man’s long association with the use of lead, it has only become known in recent years through medical and scientific studies that there is no safe limit of exposure. There is no dispute; all agree with the study and there is no conflicting evidence.

    1. Howdy Duane, It has been a long time since I frequented this site. Been busy working on this extended treatise on vaccinations, not to mention other matters. I’m glad that you brought up lead. It is right up there with mercury and aluminum regarding neuro-toxicity. I hope you will read this work I’ve done, as you might come to understand that the “settled science” of vaccines is anything but what we are told by corporate media and their advertisers. I assure you that I have provided overwhelming evidence gleaned from respectable sources, including the CDC, Federal Judiciary, court records and historical accounts. It points to a situation where the risk/benefit analysis comes down scientifically, logically toward a great reduction in vaccinations for the people of the USA. It is very different in other advanced countries. All the best. — Jim P.S. I’m having trouble getting into my dashboard to post on
      Blogging Blue. So, I took the back door, having bookmarked this tidbit from Duffy eons ago.

    2. P.S. to my post above:

      In an unofficial “study,” all of my 12 children. 30 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren have taken required or recommended vaccinations with no unfavorable results including autism.

  7. James,

    My first recommendation is that you thank Steve and Duane for responding.

    Out of respect for the many issues on which we agree, I tried to read the first few sentences of your link. It was terrible. Let me suggest, “On Writing Well.”

    Zinsser’s got a section on writing science, but you should start with chapter one.

    What I wrote in February still applies. By all means educate us about the safety issues, but that’s not about the science underpinning vaccines.

    Please apologize to Steve.

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