Hillary Clinton is in for 2016

Earlier today former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president in 2016. In her two minute announcement video (see below) Clinton notably takes the emphasis off herself and the inevitability of her candidacy and instead attempts to portray her run for president as a natural outgrowth of a mass, populist movement.

Here’s Hillary Clinton’s 2016 announcement video.

Clinton’s announcement video has gotten some good reviews, which should certainly be encouraging for her campaign, considering how widely panned her 2008 announcement video was.


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2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton is in for 2016

    1. So true, I’m not much of a Hillary fan, but seeing the weak-minded old white men get furious at what is a pro-war, pro-corporate candidate exposes just how dead-end and fearful those washed-up losers are. And unlike our hatred of Walker, they really can’t give legitimate political reasons why they hate her.

      While a lot of Clinton backers annoy me with their authoritarian “get in line” mentality, one thing I do like about them is that they don’t take any cr*p from those scared old losers, and they win those battles. Other Dems should get the hint.

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