“Tea Party” downgrade

I will let the “tea party” speak for themselves as to if they are in favor of the downgrade or not.

H/T (Or Blame) for this video goes to James Rowen @ Political Environment.

who knew that “No Universal healthcare – you should die when your sick” was such a catchy phrase…

Why are things that are so popular to the “tea party” crowd, so damaging to our country?


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1 thought on ““Tea Party” downgrade

  1. Right-wingers love touting the claim that those on the Left are trying to indoctrinate America with our evil ideas: Universal healthcare; decent public transportation; solid infrastructure; jobs; collective bargaining; racial and economic equality; gender equality. Any American who thinks that these things are evil has undergone such a thorough and complete brainwashing that nothing approaching rational thought will ever penetrate their thick skulls.

    Which leads me to reiterate that the Republican Party and all its offshoots are nothing but a fundamentalist, radical religious cult that has managed to ruin the lives of those it has sucked into its nasty agenda, and those whose lives are touched by its nasty agenda.

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