Another Note Or Two On Ron Johnson:

Zach already posted a piece on Senator Ron Johnson’s tone deaf swipes at Russ Feingold…as Mr. Feingold enters the field to retake his seat in the US Senate.

But he left out a telling piece from that article. After being critical of the McCain – Feingold campaign finance reform bill, he just had to add this:

Johnson did not back new disclosure laws, saying people had a right to anonymously make donations to groups that engage in political speech.

It should come as no small surprise that Sen. Johnson wouldn’t want to prevent the very ethically challenged financing that helped him into office from providing support in 2016.

And back to his statement that he’s an outsider in Washington! After four years in the Senate it’s time to stop acting the outsider and work to actually get something done. Let’s face it. Even the McCain – Feingold bill he maligned came from Mr. Feingold’s ability to actually work across the aisle!

P.S. Everyone has the right of free speech…but I don’t believe the Constitution provides for the right of anonymous speech for anyone.


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