Seriously? Judge Troupis?

In the Friday afternoon news dump, Mr. Scott Walker announced the appointment of Jim Troupis to the vacant seat on the Dane County Circuit Court previously held by Judge John Albert, who retired. Mr. Troupis will hold the seat until he is deposed by Dane County voters in August 2016.

Yes, of course the governor wants to appoint people who have done him favors, large and small. But this is ridiculous.

In the press release announcing the appointment, Mr. Walker praises Jim Troupis with these words: “Jim Troupis brings an incredible breadth of experience and talent to the Dane County bench. More than that, he is committed to the rule of law and to public service, and I am confident he will do an excellent job.”

Committed to the rule of law? Mr. Troupis was one of the attorneys assisting Republican lawmakers in redistricting in 2011, having been hired as a consultant by his former law firm, Michael, Best, redistricting later challenged and criticized by federal judges for the secrecy and political nature with which the process was undertaken.

Jim Troupis is the attorney who advised Senator Scott Fitzgerald that the State Senate had the authority to forcibly detain Senate Democrats in 2011, when the Democrats left Wisconsin to prevent the formation of a quorum in the senate. Following Troupis’s advice, Senate Republicans authorized the Senate sergeant at arms to use force and to enlist the aid of law enforcement to bring Democratic Senators to the Capitol “any time day or night.”

He was David Prosser’s attorney during the recount when Justice Prosser barely defeated JoAnne Kloppenburg in the 2011 Supreme Court race.

Jim Troupis is also local counsel (I guess he will have to let this job go, now) for former members of the FEC in the three John Doe II cases now before the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. (Hmm. Does his appointment to the Dane County Court at this juncture signal that Justice Roggensack, et al., are ready to make us privy to their, ahem, reasoning dismissing the John Doe II cases?)

As for breadth of experience, well, Mr. Troupis does serve on the board of the MacIver Institute for Public Policy. Maybe he’ll give up that gig, too.


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20 thoughts on “Seriously? Judge Troupis?

    1. Good rundown Joanne. I think this is being done because this WEDC scandal and other pay-to-play has legs, and scared Scotty is trying to slant the field the best way he can. I also think these blatantly corrupt appointments are a sort of last act before Scotty parachutes out of this job to run for president the next few months (and so he can cash in once he loses in the primaries).

      By the way, right-wing bubble-worlders may be trying to line up Troupis for a run at Crooks, but the problem is that any Supreme Court race gets swallowed up by the presidential primary going through Wisconsin at the same time (with more people voting, hurting the righties’ chances). In addition, if the SC-WI does make up some BS with the John Doe cases, there will be more than one SC race on the ballot, because there will be RECALLS.

  1. OT, interesting that Fox is running with AP’s coverage, “Governor appoints son of foundation president to regents.”

    “MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Gov. Scott Walker has appointed the son of a president of a foundation that supports conservative causes to the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents.

    Walker announced Friday that he has appointed Mike M. Grebe, son of Michael W. Grebe, president and chief executive of the Bradley Foundation, to the board. The foundation has backed a number of conservative public policy experiments, including welfare reform and, voucher schools. Michael W. Grebe also has served as chairman of Walker’s campaign.”

  2. Yeah!!!


    No college degree but continues to kick your educated butts!!!

    Everyone knows this appointment ends when the election happens. No reason to put up a stronger conservative who would face a defeat when the loony libs vote in their next jurist.


    Kicking your butts for 8 years now!!!

      1. “John Harper” epitomizes the “crabs in a basket” mentality that has taken hold in Wisconsin. Totally jealous of others who might have better pay or benefits than he does, so he wants to see them pulled down to his level. And if the Republicans use shady tactics to accomplish their “pay to play” and “divide and conquer” agenda? So be it.

        1. Mase, I agree.

          Not 100% sure that some wingnut outfit pays jharp for all his comments at BB, but I lean that way.

        2. What Harper says is true, but would also be true of Germany in the 1930’s

  3. In other words, blog author, a Republican governor appointed a conservative to the Dane County bench. You disagree with conservatives. The horror! Therefore, the John Doe II defendants should have no representation. Legislators should be free to flee the state if they are Democrats who don’t want to take a vote. (Wisconsin Constitution, Article IV, Section 7: “Each house … may compel the attendance of absent members in such manner and under such penalties as each house may provide.”) As for the legislative redistricting, it was upheld by a federal judge with but a single tweak. He ordered two hispanic-majority assembly districts rolled into one with a super-majority at the insistence of the incumbent Democrat. Oh, and Justice Prosser prevailed in the recount as he had in the certified vote. (“Count every vote,” right? Unless the voters live in Brookfield?)

  4. David. Careful. Too much truth telling can get you banned.

    Seriously though, this appointment surely willpower lead to the end if life as we know It.


  5. Perhaps this was said – to me the appointment is a block of any any litigation coming out of WEDC or John Doe. Circuit court ? Would Troupis have any impact? WTF is Walker and the WMC up to ? It really is an arrogant move on Walker’s part. Blaska – didn’t Troupis look the other way as his boy toys erased evidence during redistricting. There were laws broken – boy toys were slick operators with all their software for erasing hard drives.

    Why would Troupis want this job? Doesn’t he make plenty as a lawyer??

    1. Erasing hard drives!!! I love it. I presume your next fearless leader Hillary could teach us all a thing or two about that! Let’s wait a couple odd months and we shall see how important integrity and honor and erasing of hard drives is to you lot!

      1. Typical Trollism; change subject. For the record and a reminder, “Troupis” is the topic for discussion.

  6. Or maybe you people are still whining about the fact that no matter what type of dirt or BS “John Doe” trial you invent to get Scott Walker out of office the majority of the voters in Wisconsin keep telling you Enough!

    This is a democratic process and the people spoke over and over when they continue to support and vote Scott Walker into office. Move on and try to be a solution to the problems and hand instead of just saying he is doing a bad job.

    Where are the demoncrats actual answers to the problems at hand? All I ever hear out of them is “What a horrible person, how can he do that, he is ruining the middle class” WHERE ARE YOUR BETTER SOLUTIONS???????

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