Michigan – Where Democracy Goes to Die!

H/T Rachel Maddow For this great piece showing how the Michigan Republicans blatantly ignore the law and the Constitution to get their far right agenda passed(sound familiar).

Why do they do that you might ask? The answer is simple, their ideas and philosophy do not hold up to scrutiny, the law, the Constitution or public opinion. The only way to get these extreme ideas passed is to do it this way, as it is the only way it would ever happen. Looks like the Michigan Democrats need their own Peter Barca.

This video is a bit long but well worth it, if you can stomach it. It really puts an end to the term “small government conservative”.

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4 thoughts on “Michigan – Where Democracy Goes to Die!

  1. While I agree that AG Holder needs to be involved, this does not get fixed until the base becomes sane and demands their party back.

    I would love to see someone, somewhere give me a serious description of why the emergency manager law is a good one. I would also love to hear from a “tea partier” or true conservative why they are not outraged at this.

  2. The US Attorney General has zero authority to step in. The MI State Supreme Court will have the ultimate say if someone sues in state court.

  3. @John: That’s fascinating. However, did you not listen? Moderate conservatives and liberals alike should be concerned. We may have to invade because Michigan appears to be the Axis of our fears of looming totalitarianism.

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