Wisconsin Jobs Now to Merge With United Wisconsin

from the email in box:

Dear WJN members and supporters,

In 2011, Wisconsin Jobs Now evolved out of a national movement to fight income inequality from the ground up. Since then, we’ve built a network of thousands of people who take action to improve their communities. By going workplace-by-workplace and door-to-door, our activists have won real victories for the working class, despite a harsh political landscape.

From the Fight for $15 to the fight for quality public education, it’s clear that WJN has matured into a robust, multi-faceted organization. With the expansion of our work comes great opportunities. I am very excited to share with you that WJN is merging with another organization born out of the 2011 uprising, United Wisconsin.

United Wisconsin led the historic effect to recall Scott Walker and has since worked tirelessly to demand a transparent and accountable government, access to the democratic process, and family-friendly policies. This merger immediately forms one of the largest progressive grassroots organization in the state of Wisconsin.

To sum it up: two top statewide organizations dedicated to justice for all are now one united force.

Using sophisticated digital communications combined with good old-fashioned boots on the ground, this historic alliance will unite progressives from Kenosha to Superior and everywhere in between. By aligning together on every level, we can defeat the corporate shadows privatizing our schools, buying off our democratic institutions, and pulling up the ladder of economic opportunity behind them – denying far too many hard-working Wisconsin families a fair shot at the American dream.

For now, not much will change from an outside perspective. Our commitment to you and to a better Wisconsin is unwavering. We’ll be integrating our work over the coming months and keeping you involved throughout the process, but our name and day-to-day operations won’t be changing immediately.

The WJN staff is dedicated to a transparent process. We pledge to keep our members informed and will be seeking your input along the way, and you may find answers to some questions about this merger here. We are each deeply respectful of the work the other has contributed to the movement and are moving forward to intentionally build upon the strengths that each of us is bringing to this exciting union.


Jennifer Epps-Addison

WJN Executive Director


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