After 22 year career in politics, Scott Walker denies he’s a career politician


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker denies he’s a career politician — even though he has been in elected office since he was 25 years old and first ran for office when he was 22.

The 47-year-old Republican presidential contender said in an interview with CNBC, released Tuesday, that he is “just a normal guy” and rejects the career politician label despite being in politics for most of his adult life.

Despite his assertions to the contrary, Scott Walker is the epitome of a career politician. He has spent the vast majority of his adult life drawing a salary from taxpayers while serving in elected office, because he’s nothing more than a career politician.


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5 thoughts on “After 22 year career in politics, Scott Walker denies he’s a career politician

  1. Not only is he the quintessential career politician, but Walker seems incapable of doing anything as governor for any reason other than political calculation. Act 10 was a political act to reduce union power. Voucher expansion is nothing more than a money grab for campaign contributors at the expense of public schools. He ignored the advice of independent consultants on the Kenosha casino (despite paying them $2.2 million of taxpayer dollars) and turned it down to kiss up to fundies in Iowa.

    And it’s why he flailing so badly now, and is constantly backtracking on the 2016 trail. The man has no life experiences other than politics, and no concept of a bigger picture beyond a political one. So when he talks about an issue, he’s doing it for purely craven reasons, and when it backfires, he doesn’t have the core knowledge and values to stick with what he said.

    “Unintimidated, and principled?” Riiiiight.

    1. Jake, it’s one of the reasons he’s flailing now, but not the only one. We need to keep pointing out that he’s so unprepared to face the national press because he’s spent most of his time in a state where “As you know I didn’t know anything about that” is considered by the press as a substantive and complete answer.
      Of course he’s going to think that refusing to answer a question is acceptable, and that constant clarifications by a communications assistant is the norm.

  2. Maybe all they need to do is ask someone who knows…like his wife (from JSOnline):

    “His whole life revolves around politics,” Tonette Walker said in an interview last year. “If it weren’t for maybe a little hunting or a trip here and there with the family, the rest of the time is really spent on politics. The interest is there. He likes that. He always does that.”

  3. After 22 year career in politics, Scott Walker, 47, denies he’s a career politician

    Basically his entire adult life.

  4. So does Walker’s 22 year as a career politician prove the adage that “practice makes perfect”?

    Definitely not! As Vince Lombardi said, “Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

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