Video: Bernie Sanders takes Tough Question(s) at Liberty University

Yesterday Sen. Bernie Sanders gave a speech and then sat down to answer questions – some of them pretty tough – from students at conservative Liberty University.

Here’s some video of Sen. Sanders’ speech, as well as the question and answer session that followed. The question and answer session begins at approximately 30:35 into the video.

Sen. Sanders’ speech at Liberty University was not remarkable because of its content – thought it was a pretty darn good speech – but because of Sen. Sanders’ willingness to go into what could have been a very hostile environment instead of sticking to safe, scripted, “preaching to the choir” campaign events.


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4 thoughts on “Video: Bernie Sanders takes Tough Question(s) at Liberty University

  1. I was amazed at the number of students there that support Sanders. He gave a great speech in 27 minutes. If he can get the nomination, I believe he will be our next President.

  2. I noticed how some in the crowd looked at Bernie as if he were the devil himself. For being in such a “hostile” environment “I believe” Bernie’s message was tactically on spot. The interesting thing is it’s the message he has consistently been spreading on the campaign trail. I have been in Bernie’s corner since day one. Having the balls to speak at Liberty and his willingness to reach across the aisle has strengthened my support.

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