Texas “good guy with a gun” shoots his own wife

But remember, guns make us all safer…

A Texas man shot and killed his wife after mistaking her for an intruder.

Police said the San Antonio man, whose name was not released, told them he heard some noises coming from the front of the house about 4 a.m. Saturday and saw a flash of light.

He grabbed a shotgun and went to investigate.

The man said he saw a light and someone standing at a distance, so he fired one blast from the shotgun.

That’s when he realized he had shot his wife, 48-year-old Debora Kelly.


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10 thoughts on “Texas “good guy with a gun” shoots his own wife

  1. Thank you over and over for bringing these stories to the attention of your readership. It is vital that people get a real sense of what is happening vs. what the NRA would have the country believe.

  2. Ignoring repeated incidents and clear evidence proves ignorance. Past time for drastic remedial action.


    POTUS executive order for all gun owners to re-register all of their firearms. Competency testing for use and allowance to keep one’s personal firearms. Steep liability insurance for any semi-automatic weapon. No ammo purchases for firearms other than one’s own.

    1. And I would tell the government to screw off! How are they going to know about which guns I own? Oh that’s right they won’t! You wouldn’t be able to tell people to register guns that they don’t know about. It would be impossible to enforce. Steep liability for a handgun? I don’t think so. Nothing you propose will ever a. Get passed b. Be enforced and c. Work

      1. Didn’t claim it would pass or work, but there are ways to attempt to enforce it (if legislators actually cared about the safety of citizens they are elected to serve) and make it work, if the minority of paranoid and self-insecure gun owning losers who think guns are the answer can’t purchase ammo, components or re-loader supplies without showing the registration of the gun they wish to get ammo for. Just a thought to help you sleep better at night.

        There are ways to implement it. Nobody ever initially believed that a cigarette smoking ban would ever be instituted for public buildings either, did they? Guns are a public health emergency and the wingers who shouldn’t own guns will be the first to make death threats against any legislator who tried to promote this. That’s the country we live in. That’s the emergency situation.

    2. Anything that reads that news clip and doesn’t immediately think “that man intended to shoot his wife” needs their head examined.

      Where I grew up (the inner city of milwaukee) my black childhood was spent surrounded by wanna-be gang bangers who were carrying guns they bought on the street. The over 100 murders that happened this year in Milwaukee were carried out by how many registered gun owners?

      Talking about useless measures to prevent gun ownership will never ever stop thugs and the like from obtaining guns to murder.

      Guaranteed that man was aiming for his wife, nice intruder story though!!!

  3. I guess that answers my question my original comment at 7:25 this morning is awaiting moderation even though I have said nothing offensive to anyone my question whether I’m being moderated immediately gets posted. curious

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