7 thoughts on “What would Jesus do about the Syrian refugees?

    1. Given the declining state of public education in Wisconsin, the lousy climate for small businesses and start-ups and the outright hostility to new technologies, creativity or innovation of any kind, Governor Walker may be doing the next Steve Jobs a favor by not letting his parents-to-be settle here.

  1. Well we know that Jesus was kind to strangers. What we don’t know is how he would deal with throat cutting suicide bombers. I wonder.

    1. Denis,

      When you get serious about stopping ISIS you’ll start commenting about who funds them: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, maybe Turkey.

      “To really combat terror, end support for Saudi Arabia”


      Your question about Jesus of Nazareth, who many here revere as “the Christ,” the Second Person of the Trinity, was intensely disrespectful and disgraceful.

      No one “wonders,” except you.

      1. Isn’t “wondering” what Jesus would do the point of this thread? Where is the disrespect and disgrace, intense or even mild?

  2. Thanks for posting this Zach. A good reminder for all the things hapening in the world and around the state.

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