Chris Larson addresses Chris Abele’s attack ad (VIDEO)

Three weeks ago I wrote about the attack ad being run by the campaign of incumbent Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. The ad awkwardly attempted to tie Abele’s challenger, progressive Chris Larson, to Republican Gov. Scott Walker while conveniently neglecting to mention Abele’s strong ties to Gov. Walker and Republicans.

There’s been criticism in a lot of circles of Abele’s attack ad (not to mention the fact that his entire campaign seems to based on negative attacks), but I wanted to take a moment to post Larson’s response to the deceptive (and I would say desperate) attack ad being run by Chris Abele’s campaign.

As I’ve noted before, it’s telling that Chris Abele’s response to having lost the February primary is to have his campaign go completely negative in its tone. After all, voters clearly didn’t like what they were hearing from his campaign when it was trying to be positive.


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