I Like Trump Cause He Gets Things Done

When you watch coverage of Donald Trump and the media starts to ask local citizens about their reasons for supporting Donald Trump you often hear the refrain that “He gets things done!”

Well I don’t know how he will get things done in Washington. Despite his apparent misunderstanding about the actual powers of the presidency, it is very likely he won’t get things done because he will face the same recalcitrant Congress that President Obama has faced the past six years. And worse he may finally unite Congress across the aisle in their overall hatred of … President Trump.

So how might he get things done? Well with executive orders…those very same things that President Obama has pushed the envelope on…expanding an imperial presidency.

The one thing that has the GOP, the right and the Tea Party in particular screaming overreach when done by President Obama…will be praised as ‘Gitin ‘er done’ when executed by a President Trump.

Just a little thinking out loud…


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