Cleaning out the inbox: A Comment On The Domes Issues

As most Milwaukeeans know, the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory has been closed for more than a few weeks due to safety issues related to extended deferred maintenance. Also known as the Domes for the iconic geodesic domes that comprise the conservatory, they have stimulated a great deal of debate on their future: repair or replace.

This is just a throwaway blog based on the open letter about the Domes issued by John Dargle, Director of Milwaukee County Parks, Recreation & Culture. Here’s what I saw that struck me as odd:

As you likely know, the three domes are temporarily closed due to a public safety issue. Parks staff recently discovered pieces of concrete on the floor of the Arid Dome that appear to have fallen from the facility’s frame. [emphasis mine]

Appear?? Appear?? I would think we would be quite certain that the pieces fell from the frame if we went to all the trouble of closing the place. You don’t suspect some random visitor lost his pet concrete fragment in the Arid dome?

This is going to be a big deal and is already a talking point in the campaign for county executive…I would appreciate a little more precision in language in official documents.


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