One reason why Chris Abele will lose on April 5

Earlier today, I got a flashy (and probably very expensive) mailer from incumbent Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. The mailer doubled down on Abele’s claims that challenger Chris Larson took money from “big banks” and then voted their way – a claim Chris Larson himself has thoroughly discredited.

“When Abele’s attack ad accusing me of being a Scott Walker ally and a tool of Wall Street came out we were kind of puzzled at first. I’ve fought Scott Walker every step of the way and I’ve been fighting for working families my entire career in public office, so we thought it was kind of bizarre that he would try to make this connection.

“When we saw the report in the press yesterday that debunked all this and revealed that the supposed Wall Street banker referred to is actually a well-known local activist, and someone who is a friend of mine, that was really upsetting.

“Kevin Flaherty and I know each other through our work promoting LGBTQ equality for many years. We were both very active in a group called Equality Wisconsin, which is a well known advocacy group, and that’s how we know each other.

“It’s fine for Chris Abele to attack me, to attack a community activist like this and turn him into a greedy Wall Street banker who “caused the foreclosure crisis” is really shameful.

“Kevin happens to work for a local bank that is actually based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, he is a pillar of this community, and I’m proud to call him a friend.

“It’s the height of hypocrisy for Abele to accuse Kevin of being some kind of Wall Street banker when he was more than happy to have Kevin standing right over his shoulder when he signed Milwaukee County’s domestic partner benefits law in 2011.

Abele’s flashy and expensive mailer is one reason why he’s going to lose on April 5, because mailers don’t win elections – shoe leather does. As Chris Larson has proven time and time again, he’s willing to outwork his opponent to win an election. Chris Abele is about to find out that money alone can’t win an election.


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