To the print media on the web: knock off the pop in video ads

I understand that the print media is a dead issue if they can’t make a successful transition to the web and monetize their offering. And I have been putting up with ad crammed pages for what already feels like forever and pages that take minutes to load before you can read an article and search engines that don’t find what you are looking for even when you know the author or a direct quote…sheesh.

But the newer trend of having TV type ads pop up in the middle of the actual articles has got to stop. They resize the page causing the text I am reading to scroll up and out of sight or down and out of sight while I am trying to read it…and then when they close the reverse happens…it makes your site unreadable! That’s not what you want…trust me!

IF you feel the need to run those ads…put them at the top…I’ll notice them…I can ignore them if I choose…and then don’t close them when they complete so the page stays the same size while I am reading. Annoying people isn’t going to improve your revenues…even you have to know that.


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