WisDems: still a hot mess!

This is why Wisconsin Democrats just can’t have nice things…

When officials from the state Democratic Party show up for their convention in Green Bay in a couple of weeks, they may have to pay in cash.

That’s because they still haven’t paid the full bill from their 2009 convention at the same hotel.

Records filed earlier this month with the Federal Election Commission show the state Democratic Party still owes $5,807.34 to the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center — Green Bay.

The total bill for the event was just over $15,000, according to federal reports. It appears that the party last made a payment for $7,350 in January 2011 but has coughed up zilch since then.

The fact that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin still has unpaid bills from 6 years ago underscores why I have little to no faith that the party will be able to win back the governor’s office or majorities in the State Senate and Assembly, because a group that can’t do something as simple as pay its bills certainly can’t be counted on to do something more complex, like put together a winning electoral strategy.


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5 thoughts on “WisDems: still a hot mess!

  1. As if we needed more proof that Mike Tate was a complete fool with no tethering to reality. This is what happens when lifetime consultants are allowed to move up the scale with their only real qualification being “he talks smooth” and “he has friends in the right places and knows where to find money.”

    This is also why I still give Lanning some benefit of the doubt, because Tate messed up the state party 5 ways from Sunday.

    1. I supported Laning, but I’ll admit I’m really disappointed she flip-flopped on who she’d give her superdelegate support to.

      She showed me something (and not in a good way) with that.

    2. Yes, but people in Ryans’ district still think he’s a nice guy when they talk to him. All the while he’s making plans to screw them. It happens in both parties.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Joe Wineke was still the chair in 2009, wasn’t he?

    Still, how this has passed from Tate onto Laning and still not been corrected is a tad embarrassing. I’m guessing the Wisconsin GOP doesn’t have these same issues.

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