Thursday Music–Mark Erelli for Wear Orange Day

It’s Wear Orange Day. I personally own no orange, but I’ll do my part here by posting Mark Erelli‘s “By Degrees.” It’s a free download from him if you would like your own copy.

My own anti-gun violence song is also a free download today. If you pay anything–a cent to a dollar to twenty dollars–I will donate every penny of that to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.


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1 thought on “Thursday Music–Mark Erelli for Wear Orange Day

  1. In my Wisconsin youth, guns were for only one use; that is, hunting. The message was simple; enjoy the sport and provide meal for the family.. I still do at age 85 with a 1953 Marlin 30-30 purchased at a base store while in the service of my country during the Korean War as a gift to my father at Xmas that year. He cried at such a novelty of a new gun having only been able to afford used rifles or hand-me-downs in the UP and northern Wisconsin woods. At his death, I inherited his “new” rifle.

    Now, many firearms are being and have been sold on the lie of the need for self-defense against our government and various phony bogey-man issues by the merchants of greed.

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