Assembly candidate Julie Meyer’s “open door” policy is more like a closed door policy

Julie Meyer, an MPS schoolteacher challenging incumbent State Representative Christine Sinicki in the Democratic primary for the 20th Assembly district, wants voters to believe she’s willing to listen to their viewpoints, even if those viewpoints disagree with Meyer’s. According to Meyer’s website (see below), “We may not always agree, but you can count on me to listen and respond to your concerns.”

Julie Meyer's Homepage

Julie Meyer’s stated willingness to listen and respond to concerns even if you may not agree with her seems pretty unambiguous, but unfortunately Meyer’s rhetoric doesn’t match up with what she practices. Yours truly and at least three other potential constituents of Meyer’s have been banned from her campaign’s Facebook page after asking questions about her qualifications as a candidate and her issue positions.

I emailed Julie Meyer four days ago seeking information on why she had chosen to ban a number of individuals from her Facebook page, but as I write this she has not responded. It seems clear to me that despite what her website says, Julie Meyer really isn’t interested in listening to anyone who dares question or criticize her, and that’s truly unfortunate.


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