15 thoughts on “Here’s your DNC 2016 open thread!

  1. From what I have scene on tv the convention is going well for the Democrats. At the end of the day most voters want to hear what Democrats have to offer as a party. More house cleaning may have to happen once the investigation concludes but getting Debbie Wasserman Schultz out was good start. Being impartial in a primary is important to the character of the DNC.

  2. There was a lot of rabble rousing early on last night, from what I could tell. Sarah Silverman (who I would never have expected to see speaking at an event like this) and Al Franken kind of diffused things with some humor. Having Paul Simon do “Bridge over Troubled Waters” was a nice touch.

    Cory Booker gave a good speech, but a bit too long and seemed like he was trying to cram in a million different points when he should have just focused on a few key points.

    Michelle Obama’s speech was definitely the highlight of the night. It was an excellent speech, delivered well. She has a future now in politics, should she wish to pursue it.

    I was a bit underwhelmed by Elizabeth Warren. Her comments were fine, but I was hoping for a bit more…what exactly, I don’t know.

    Bernie Sanders was fine. A lot of what we’ve heard before, but it was a night and day difference to what the GOP received from Ted Cruz at their convention.

  3. I noticed a bit of tactical language that seemed to be intended to either ridicule or maybe scare the Bernie supporters into coming on board.

    Didn’t hear the phrase “Bernie Bros” once though, so maybe they have backed off of that rhetoric.

  4. I think at the end of the day this election is going to come down to the Bread and Butter issues of Social Security and Medicare and what will happen if they are privatized. With all the changes in voting laws, I just do not understand how Wisconsin is not considered a major swing state nationally.

    1. My guess is that it’s the combination of huge enthusiasm for Russ Feingold, huge negativity toward Trump from die-hard Republican voters (good job, Sykes & Belling!), and the fact Wisconsin hasn’t gone for the Republican presidential nominee since Reagan in ’84.

    2. AJ,

      Correct and “Clinton backs public option on health care in nod to Sanders supporters,”


      is huge.

      CNN’s reporting she would lower Medicare’s eligibility age to 55. That would enable a lot of people to retire, or work less. That would open up a lot of jobs for younger people.

      CNN’s also reporting she would let Americans younger than 55 buy Medicare coverage. That coverage is superior to what health insurance oligopoly offered under Obamacare.

  5. My greatest fear is that the Donald will resign prior to November because it infringes upon his selfishness/ego or be forced to withdraw because of a huge oral faux pas (really!) or just one too many dumb, insensitive untruthful claims evidenced by a huge displeasure of the electorate in the polls.

    What then?

    A substitute write in? Sarah Palin, Gingrich, Cruez, one of the Koch Brats, Jeb?

    God help us!

    1. Wouldn’t Pence become the nominee?

      Agree with you that Sec. Clinton’s chances are better if theDonald remains their candidate.

        1. You saw Trump’s view of his vulnerability with the GOP base Saturday night, when he released Melania’s photos to their mouthpiece, the NY Post. They knew the photos were coming out, but Kahn’s speech at the Democratic convention scared him. He didn’t want Kahn to lead the weekly news cycle, so he through Melania under the bus that was already coming.
          HRC has a lot more money, but Trump’s still viable within some swing states. Having billionaires endorse HRC is not a plus. Pence will camp in the rust belt, until further notice.
          If HRC can force him to defend Texas, that would be great.

        2. I think Trump’s using his control over the wingnuts who vote in GOP primaries to extort help from the rest of the party. For example he tweeted support for the guy running against Paul Ryan.

  6. It’s gotten crazy enough now that the conspiracy theory I have heard trotted out sporadically; that Trump is a plant sent by the Democrats to ruin the GOP, is starting to sound plausible.

    HRC must be loving this, she doesn’t even really have to try. She should save her campaign funds for 2020.

    1. Trump’s implosion and the GOP’s resulting problems is “good news” but results in almost no “free” press coverage of Hillary. She can’t win by default; Hillary still has to win over segments who may skip the election or vote for one of the independents.

      1. Agree.

        Marcy Wheeler’s, “What Price Victory,” is an excellent read.

        “Democrats, it appears, want to become the party of the Republican soccer mom, which may work well with the bellicose warmongering, but which seems to view economic malaise as an opportunity rather than a problem.

        So yeah, by all means, let’s beat the orange crazy man.

        But let’s also be cognizant of the more politically palatable craziness that gets embraced in the process.”


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