Christian Schneider Proved Gerrymandering Exists in Wisconsin.

Ironically GOP shill and right wing apologist, JSOnline’s Opinion blogger Christian Schneider recently set out to damn the federal court ruling on WI redistricting and prove gerrymandering didn’t exist. When in fact he proved that it does.

In typical Mr. Schneider style book meanderings he starts off with something that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. And as most of us know, statewide elections whether it be for president or senator or governor hasn’t a thing to do with voting districts. But he digresses with:

It goes without saying that Donald Trump’s victory in Wisconsin nearly two weeks ago was unexpected. But according to a three-judge federal panel who just declared Wisconsin’s legislative maps unconstitutional, Trump’s stunning victory would have been all but impossible.

When you guys figure out what that has to do with the price of corn in Iowa county, let me know.

After throwing out chaff to put everyone off the scent, he got off track and proved the fact he was intent on disproving. And after talking about how assembly districts couldn’t have possibly have been designed to favor republicans, he goes exactly here:

A good number of Democrats win large victories without a Republican challenger, which artificially inflates their share of the statewide vote.

Now the last half is meant to deflate the rational that Democrats get the majority vote in the state but don’t hold the majority assembly seats…but in those districts without a Republican challenger there aren’t ANY Republican votes. Yes, that is all kinda round and roundy logic and you can see it from either perspective you want.

And the big BUT is “A good number of Democrats win large victories without a Republican challenger…”. Why do you suppose that is? No Republican challenger? Because the GOP leaders in Madison did in fact gerrymander all of those pesky Democrat voters into their own little safe blue districts. Far far away from the red districts just so they couldn’t muck up the Republican incumbents.

So yes, the WI redistricting was in fact gerrymandering…and this helps support that…if the other clues in the mass media weren’t already proof enough!


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7 thoughts on “Christian Schneider Proved Gerrymandering Exists in Wisconsin.

  1. And what about the red areas of the state like Washington county where it is difficult to run a Dem because a good return is 32%. Why fight and pound on doors for less than a third of the vote. Guess Schneider missed that part. And yes, we should run Dems in these impossible counties to build for the long run. I’m partially to blame.

  2. Chris Taylor represents Madison’s 76th district. It runs from the steps of the UW student union through the Isthmus up to Maple Bluff. Same district once represented by Mark Pocan and Tammy Baldwin. She has never had a Republican opponent. How would you make that district competitive? You’d have to run along the UW Hwy 151 median strip through Democrat Mellissa Sargent’s district, then through Democrat Sondy Pope’s district, then through Democrat Gary Hebl’s district to basically get to Dodge county and Republican territory. That would be the ultimate in gerrymandering. I can’t help it Dane County is overwhelmingly Democrat (tho I keep trying).

    1. Gerrymandering pushes more Dems into already Democratic leaning districts, the same with historically strong Replusive districts, and really doesn’t affect either historically strong D or R districts.

      Partisan redistricting mostly affects districts that are (were) fairly equally populated with representative numbers of partisan voters from both parties, one way or the other providing “certainty,” to the current partisans in power to re-draw district lines, thereby controlling the future election outcomes by manipulating a fairly small percentage of voters.

      Your argument is baseless as usual and irrelevant to the discussion, but provides us with the proof and yes the, “certainty,” that anything you post is generally misrepresenting the truth and likely a distraction from any intelligent debate.

      Thanks for reinforcing and proving once again, our prior knowledge of the intent behind your useless babel.

    2. I should correct, Chris Taylor this fall did have a Republican opponent for the first time, whom she beat handily. In the comments, an anonymous and clearly skittish fellow named NonQuixote calls names (“Repulsive?”) but does not argue facts. Republicans BEFORE this supposedly gerrymandered map controlled the Assembly 59-39-1. AFTER “gerrymandering” in the 2012 election they improved to 60-39. Scott Walker, meanwhile, winning statewide two times since and Republicans named Ron Johnson and Donald Trump won this fall. The 2-1 Appellate court decision will be overturned on the facts and on the law. Count on it.

      1. Blaska here?


        However, when I hear you my expectation is that you’ll be full of bs and I, if I recall, you often manage to live down to expectations.

        You certainly have here and now.

        To the facts (ones you included and ones you-purposefully?-did not).

        2010 was a GOP year and Republicans received majority in both the State Senate and Assembly (the 59-39-1 mix you mentioned).

        The last election before that (2008) left the Democratic party in a majority in both the State Senate and Assembly. You left this fact out.

        Control of the legislature can bounce back and forth depending on which party has a good election year.

        And 2012 has the GOP having 60 out of 99 seats like you say.

        What you didn’t mention-and proves the GOP gerrymandering was deciding things and not the will of the voters-is that 2012 was a good year for Democrats.

        In 2012 Wisconsin re-elected Obama, voted in Tammy Baldwin, and more voters to have a member of the Democratic Party represent them that the GOP. And this includes for the State Assembly-not just President and US Senator. These are facts you didn’t mention (on purpose?).

        So 2012 was a year where, like the GOP was handed a majority in 2010, the Democratic Party should have been handed a majority.

        That is where a flip in control should have happened and did not.

        You failed to mention this (again I suspect on purpose).

        You also seem eager to spread bs-like you enjoy it.

        I’m not going to call label GOP “Repulsive”, especially as there are some Republicans I can respect and see have some integrity and that would be unfair to them.

        But I can read or hear the things you’ve claimed as an individual.

        And I strongly suspect you are smart enough to see through them and know enough to know you are pointedly leaving things out. Things that you know disprove a point even as you claim it.

        So, since you are here. I would actually like to ask you a question. Why do you lie? Is it simply because you have a team and it is away to cheer them on, do you find deception fun, do you get paid well, or do you feel there is a greater good you are working for in the future that justifies dishonesty in the here and now.

        I’d like to know why. And don’t pretend you aren’t trying being deceptive. I’m pretty sure we both knew Democrats running for State Assembly received more votes than Republicans in 2012. And we both knew before writing on Blogging Blue this weekend.

        So, if I you give sincere answer to the why I thank you for that.

        1. Nice commentary pplr,

          As much respect was given with my incidental use of a different name for some political party adherents as is given for the ubiquitous and intentional failure of that party’s various self-annointed, “spokespeople,” to properly use the fourth syllable of the label Democratic.

          Gloating over winning an election is understandable from a majority party that has absolutely failed to translate “winning,” into successfully governing and actually addressing the needs of the greater good of the state’s people, her natural resources, our public health, short or long term finances or public infrastructure and which can claim nothing else of any lasting substance or value.

          To the topic, rigging retention of power and control and then using it continually against the public interest is just the macro version of domestic abuse, akin to fascist repression in great degree. As the old adage says, “winning isn’t everything.”

          Whining over an incidental and completely accurate labeling of a party’s behavior is their only response left to criticism of their perfected abject irresponsibility and intentional destruction of the principles of a formally representative republic model of self-governance.

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