The Last Baby Boomer Presidential Election?

Well, fact, the baby boomers are aging out…and who ever wins on Tuesday will almost certainly run for re-election in 2020…but this is probably the last ballot where both major parties will have baby boomer candidates.

That being said, I will reiterate my comments from earlier this year. All of you Bernie Sanders supporters, all of you millenials, and all of you gen-xers: NOW is the time to get involved in party politics if you want to see your ideas come to fruition in 2020 and beyond.

And keep in mind that it isn’t just the presidency that you want to aim for…you need to fill the House and Senate and State Houses with like minded individuals if you actually want to get things done. You need to find peers to run as candidates and you need to do the heavy lifting and get them the time and money and resources to get elected. And then you have to hold them accountable while they are in office.

I recently came around to supporting term limits but that isn’t on the horizon…but I don’t see anything to prevent you from rousting out the incumbents ~ all of them. As a matter of fact you should look upon it as your duty.

You want (and we need) a political revolution? The clock starts November 9th, 2016.


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