One Week In and the Joint Is Still Standing!

One week under my belt and I haven’t broken anything yet.

But I do have a question for all of you! Are there any particular features or articles that I should consider adding to Blogging Blue!

Don’t make me do one of those goofy survey things…just post here or send feedback via the homepage.

And thanks for following us all here at Blogging Blue!


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6 thoughts on “One Week In and the Joint Is Still Standing!

  1. It would be nice to know the primary source of political news of others

    Mine are:

    Blogs: BB (Second best source)

    Print: Milwaukee,

    E Mail: Too many, most unsolicited.

    On Line papers: Madison, La Crosse

    TV: MSNBC (My first best source)

    Last and least: (drum roll please): My Favorite State Political Party

  2. Not in any order:
    The Guardian
    Urban Milwaukee
    Blogging Blue
    The Political Environment
    Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse
    Dom’s Domain Politics
    Talking Points Memo

  3. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    New York Times
    Washington Post
    Los Angeles Tribune
    Boston Globe
    Urban Milwaukee
    The Economist
    and the occasional stuff that shows up in my Yahoo news feed like Huff Po or Politico

  4. Here’s what you need to read

    The Wheeler Report
    Urban Milwaukee (though not a fan of the new format)

    Other good blogs

    The Political Environment
    Cognitive Dissidence
    Political Heat
    MAL Contends
    Dom’s Domain (when he writes)

    Daily Kos also can be helpful if you search “Wisconsin”

    And I greatly appreciate Sue giving props to what I write. But others do it better and have the time to do more than I can.

    We need to promote each other, and forward our reality to fight their GOPper-ganda

  5. Anyone not reading these should make it a habit…

    For the die-hard dems who just won’t get it…

    Trump was right, we’re the killers…

    Warning: These might spin some “PINO™,” heads. (Progressives In Name Only)

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