Walker Jumps On the Gorsuch Bandwagon and Adopts the GOP Hypocrisy In Total

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has taken the lead in supporting President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. Ok, so that’s not much of a surprise…but here is what he had to say:

In an email to Republican supporters Wednesday, Walker praised Gorsuch, calling him “widely respected by legal scholars on both sides of the political spectrum.”

Walker said he will be “joining other Wisconsin Republicans this weekend to show the widespread support Judge Gorsuch has in Wisconsin and to remind Democrats of their solemn duty to vote on this nominee.”

Exactly along the lines that we all would expect…and then he repeats the next party line…the height of hypocrisy from the GOP around Supreme Court nominations!

He urged Democrats to “hold a timely confirmation and vote.”

Well recent history tells me that timely = never.


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4 thoughts on “Walker Jumps On the Gorsuch Bandwagon and Adopts the GOP Hypocrisy In Total

    1. Two confirmations wasn’t enough as opposed to how many for Obama?

      “Slate, Feb, 2016 “Republicans made it known, even before the rumors of Scalia’s death were confirmed, that they would block any candidate put forward by the president, regardless of who that may be.”

      And right now it appears there is are hearings and likely a vote in the not too distant future. Yes, Democratic legislators should learn and use Rojo the Clown Senator’s lessons as best they are able to do so.


        1. Obama got two. Last I checked, President Trump has yet to get any Supreme Court Justices confirmed. Are you responding to the correct thread?

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