Perez Spikes the Ball In the End Zone, Ed Throws a Penalty Flag

Last Friday, after House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the GOP American Health Care Act off the house floor, I opined that it wasn’t a win for the Democrats…AHCA Goes On Hiatus But This Wasn’t a Win For the Democrats. Out on the internet, I got read the riot act for claiming that…with people saying the opponents of AHCA that showed up at town halls and the phone calls and email voicing opposition showed that Democrats won that battle. Well, I will tip my hat to the grass roots Americans who made their voices heard and will qualify my comments. For me the Democratic electeds in Washington were missing in action…they don’t deserve to claim the win. But Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, et alia were all over the media proclaiming a win, when actually Speaker Ryan and the president were mumbling et tu Brute at the Freedom Caucus and moderate Republicans who wouldn’t play along.

And of course that next afternoon, I got an email from newly minted Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez declaring victory and having his hand out.

According to Donald, the reason his health care bill failed in the House is that no Democrats would vote for it.

You’re damn right we wouldn’t.

Paul Ryan and the House GOP were desperate to jam through a health care bill that would cause 24 million Americans to lose their health insurance. Democrats stood firm and made clear that we wouldn’t let that happen.

Well, I replied to his email…but unfortunately the sending address doesn’t receive replies…shucks…but here’s the gist of it:

Let me make one thing abundantly clear. The Democratic Party had absolutely NOTHING to do with the GOP infighting that ended the current discussion to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The Democrats were disappointingly absent from the discussion.

And then I included these links:

AHCA Goes On Hiatus But This Wasn’t a Win For the Democrats
Countering With The Fixes for Obamacare?

Too bad he didn’t see them!


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