Ron Johnson and Women’s Health

In addition to his right wing Chamber buddies, Ron Johnson is getting some help in his campaign from the National Right to Life who just sent out a mailer titled “This election… LIFE is on the line!

I couldn’t agree with them more given Ron Johnson’s support for repealing the recently passed health care bill that will lead to continued exclusions for pre-existing health conditions leading to potential death sentences for those unable to afford proper care.  I also agree with them given their position and by implication his on abortion even in the case of incest, rape or the woman’s health potentially leading to  women dieing during unwanted childbirth, but also the return of back alley illegal abortions with potential deaths from botched procedures.  I also agree with them given the many unwanted children that will grow up as throwaways with the resulting mental health problems leading to potential criminal activities that could include murdering productive members of society.

Here’s the flyer comparing ROJO to Feingold according to the National Right to Life.  I hope that it was mailed to many men and women who will see what the resulting consequences of voting for extremists like Ron Johnson and the other many wacky Senatorial candidates around the country would do to health care.

National Right to Life Ron Johnson Direct Mail

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3 thoughts on “Ron Johnson and Women’s Health

  1. Considering the majority of America and Wisconsin is against the murder of babies and Wisconsin has strong appreciation for family values where all life counts this is a very posiutive ad for Ron Jonson. We need to put a stop to liberal women who believe that abortion is a form of borth control like groups such as NOW and Planned Parenthood profess.

    1. Abortion is a form of birth control, regardless if you like it or not. I’m not against killing babies but sometimes women do need abortions after serious cases and sometimes mutations happen and they grow outside of the womb or if a child of incest or rape happens. I’d never wish that on anyone.

      A reason I’m not keen about prolife movement is because the people often simply care about the child until he/she born, then the woman who cares for the child is called a welfare queen and the child receives no sympathy what so ever if the mother never wanted him/her. We also probably have a terrible adoption system too.

      Either way though, this is a messy topic to get into, and banning it completely is foolish because the women will choose to go underground to get it.

      I think it would be more important to teach sexual education in schools instead, not to little tiny kids but when puberty hits for girls and boys so they can be aware what happens, where babies come from, and he open to possibilities like the pill and other contraceptives, condoms and so on. I was luckily taught in Green Bay which… surprisingly? Went into some pretty good details about it. They said avoiding sex all together was the only way not to get pregnant, but they also knew the possibility that well some would anyway and might as well be aware of those possibilities.

      1. I’m against killing babies as much as anyone

        Damn. I keep doing amazing typos.

        We also have a terrible adoption system too since I went through it.

        and be open to possibilities like the pill and other contraceptives, condoms and so on.

        Yikes. I shouldn’t be multitasking.

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