Moving on OUT, Moving on UP

I found some interesting odds & ends related to people moving out and people moving up that I wanted to share with you.

Moving on OUT
The first was a report from AZ on the implications of SB 1070 – the “paper’s please” anti-immigrant law.  It seems that the economists were right in their analysis that the law would have significant negative impacts on Arizona businesses.  They made this statement based on the economic value of immigrant workers to the state, without even taking into account the impact of boycott’s to the state’s economy.

In this report from CNN you can hear business people and politician’s alike saying:

The immigration law backfired.  “Whoops we have no workers” Randi Kaye

Listen closely to the bill’s chief proponent, anti-immigrant, right wing, racist, neo-Nazi, Mormon, AZ Senator Russell Pierce as he now proposes a “guest worker” or indentured servitude program, but only for agricultural workers to get the workers back into the U.S.

As the Nation’s Editor Kartrina Vanden Heuvel said, the Republican Party has become “male, pale and stale”.

Moving on UP
In other moving news, I heard through the grapevine, the unconfirmed report, that Representative Paul Ryan (R-01) has purchased the Parker Mansion in Janesville’s prestigious Courthouse Hill Historic District.  He will be living next to the Cullen’s, a builder and prominent Republican fundraiser.  The 5,786 square foot home at 700 St. Lawrence was assessed at$400,500 in 2007  according to Janesville’s assessment information.  (Janesville is clearly a city with great housing values, judging by this assessment.)  The Georgian Revival home was built by William G Wheeler in 1929/1930 (see Courthouse Hill Historic District: A Guide).  It was later purchased by George Parker, II a former President of the Parker Pen Co., Chairman of Manpower and Chairman of the Republican Party of WI; who died in 2004 according to his obituary.  The home was allegedly held by Parker’s Caxambas Foundation, which according to implucorporation had assets of $14,061,048 and income of $1,554,600 in 2008.

Ryan’s purchase of the mansion happened without the home actually ever formally going on the real estate market.   It makes you wonder what sort of deal Mr. Ryan got in purchasing his new home.

His current home, a Queen Anne built in 1895 (see Courthouse Hill Historic District: A Guide) on the lower side of the district was listed by Coldwell Banker Success and can be seen here at the Restaino website with a listing price of $325,000.  It  has supposedly been sold to a physician, but the Restaino website says “offer – show” indicating that the deal isn’t finalized.

It looks like Ryan’s tastes in homes has gotten bigger as he moves to a larger more prominent home,  only fitting given his prominence and national ambition in the Republican Party.  He’s also moved from a home built in 1895 to one built in 1929/1930, now if only his politics would show some level of progression too.


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  1. I never knew you were such a bigot and racist. The compassionate and caring liberal? Certainly not you. Wow, you are quite the bigot.

    1. What aspect of this post are you commenting on? Race isn’t even mentioned anywhere in the post and how you get to bigotry I don’t know. Try reading the post and offering specifics before you attack.

    2. The “male, pale, and stale” thing doesn’t sit well with me either but I wouldn’t call it bigoted or racist. The interesting part is the most vocal far right people I know are women.

      1. As a pale male of a certain age, I pride myself on not being stale. Personally, I think the male, pale, stale statement that Katrina Vanden Heuvel of the Nation referenced has a certain poetic zing to it.

        1. Don’t fret, you are plenty stale.

          And if similiar labels were used to describe any other group, pick any minority of your choice, I can bet you would be among the first bemoaning bigotry and racism. So to that, I award to you the beloved “hypocrisy” tag.

          1. Thanks for the compliment forgot. I’d suggest you avoid reading my posts if you find them so stale and hypocritical. Your male and pale friend…. who isn’t so stale, but who you wish would fail along the trail…

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