Sunday Open Thread

Hey…we are on week two of the all day every day wiretapping nonsense…the American Health Care Act is on the table…President Trump released his skinny budget…Judge Gorsuch interviews coming up…and FBI Director Comey is set to talk about Russian interference in the 2016 election…there’s gotta be something on your mind today!


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread

  1. Regarding the American Health “Careless” Act,it is evil IMO.

    It is a KILLER!

    By it’s withholding or limiting of adequate and affordable health, it contributes to an abortion of a fulfilling life especially for::
    the elderly,
    the children.
    the chronically ill
    the poor.

    And thus:
    It violates the Christian Commandments to share with your neighbor and to not deprive or limit life itself.

    The Trump/Ryan collaboration is one of the most political and inhumane acts I have witnessed! It is one of the
    Seven deadly sins,”Greed,” by taking funds from the needy and providing them to the 1% or wealthy.

  2. Hello, fellow Dems:

    I’m not anti-religious, I really was an alterboy of Lutheran evangelical faith. Both my parents died in June of 2015, which I (from personal experience) know were not helped by the medical industry. They spent so much money on insurance, yet got little in return. Their children are left to pick up the pieces, and find peace with religion as it is presented.

    With SKW’s recent “shift” from his economic schemes for our State, please view what the DPW and the DNC might might heed to help their cause (aggressive desire to talk with the people at large):

    1. Thanks Onevote, Bernie is the best!

      The religious values I stated above have an equal standard in our daily life. Greed is bad by Church members just as it is in other human interaction. Neither is more “unholier than thou.”

      I had the good fortune to work for two employers for most of my work career who were responsible and caring. One was an agnostic, I believe, while the other was an atheist. One was a conservative while the other was a liberal.

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