What We Are Reading: 05/04/2017

Mortenson: Milwaukee Bucks arena design differs from that of troubled U.S. Bank stadium in Minnesota : Troubles at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis – including zinc metal panels that are coming loose – should not cause concern about the new Milwaukee Bucks arena, an executive for the construction company for both projects says.

Inmate dehydration death erupts into US scandal : Shortly after Terrill Thomas was put in solitary confinement, US prison guards deemed him too noisy and cut off his water supply. A week later the 38-year-old mentally ill black man was found dead on his cell’s concrete floor. The stunning details of Thomas’ dehydration death have sparked national outrage in a country with an already controversial criminal justice system. Thomas died on April 24, 2016, but it took a year before an independent jury examined the circumstances of his final days.

Trump’s remarks often set off White House ‘scramble drill’ : Washington policymakers have a time-tested method for rolling out new ideas: float a trial balloon. Spread rumors of a policy change or selectively leak it to the press, then see how it plays and proceed only if it looks doable. President Donald Trump has flipped that script. Big and startling ideas fly out of his mouth or from his Twitter feed. Then the rest of his administration scrambles to catch up — and to figure out when his statements signal new presidential policies and when they’re offhand remarks that mean little.


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