Where in the World is Gov. Walker’s Campaign Headquarters?

In the April 30, 2012 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, No Quarter columnist, Daniel Bice, asked a question that everyone should be able to find the answer to: “So where in the world is the governor’s campaign HQ?”? Well apparently it’s a classified secret and only the official apparatchiks are let in on the secret. Mr. Bice suggests he as taken a page from the Wisconsin 14, the fourteen senators who fled the state to delay passage of the bill destroying public employee collective bargaining rights. But the odor is more along the lines of former Vice President Cheney’s undisclosed location!

It’s a childish game. Particularly as Mr. Bice points out, it is unlikely that the governor would ever set foot in the place…so he’s hardly at risk. But to me, it is indicative of a character flaw and lack of leadership that the governor has exhibited over and over again for the past 15 months and the years as my county executive here in Milwaukee County. The fact is he doesn’t know how to work and play well with others. He can’t negotiate so he does things unilaterally. He can’t be honest in the light of day so does things clandestinely behind closed doors. He is unable to cooperate with anyone but his small clique (more on that in my next blog). At this point I am not even sure if Governor Walker can even be honest with himself.

Well, whatever…here is the crux of this post (please follow the link to Mr. Bice’s post, it is interesting reading): One little sentence…given it’s own little spotlight in the article…a paragraph unto itself…says all one should need to know about how Governor Walker operates and why he is UNFIT to be our governor:

Most of his campaign work takes place outside Wisconsin borders.

This bears repeating in bold:

Most of his campaign work takes place outside Wisconsin borders.

So let’s give Governor Walker the one thing he apparently savors over maybe even power: peace, quiet, solitude, and privacy…RECALL SCOTT WALKER.

So a holiday season in the near future, instead of “Where’s Waldo?”, or “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”, we can all give our grandchildren a board/video game: “Where was former Governor Walker’s campaign HQ?”


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8 thoughts on “Where in the World is Gov. Walker’s Campaign Headquarters?

  1. Best comment I read on this?

    Perhaps they’re not releasing an address for a physical campaign office because the “campaign office” is little more than a series of routers in the Governor’s office.

  2. This proves that the Walker plan to “change history” anticipated mass protests and possible riots, unlike his additional lie that he would explain more about how he was going to attack the budget if he had it all to do over.

  3. Of course they arent going to disclose it. Walker probably has never even been there. If it were disclosed, there would be 15 or 20 nutjobs there at noon every day singing stupid songs and disrupting the work not only of the campaign officials, but of the other people that work in and near wherever this place might be. Isnt it enough that people are able to harass his wife, children, and neighbors at his home?

    And, I dont know becuase I didnt read bloggingblue back then, but was there any outrage or story about Barrett violating the zoning and occupancy ordinances of his own city with his campaign locations the last time he lost to Walker? (That was a legitimate question, as I didnt read this blog then…)

    1. LOL! No outrage here…just find it highly unusual…candidates usually want constituents to stop by to pickup bumper stickers, yard signs, or do volunteer work.

  4. @Waukesha Centrist: “Was there any outrage….”. I don’t know, did YOU write something?

    Thanks for your contribution.

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