A Desperate Leah Vukmir Finally Becomes Totally Unhinged

As US Senator Elizabeth Warren visits the great state of Wisconsin to campaign for US Senator Tammy Baldwin, Sen. Baldwin’s opponent State Senator Leah Vukmir, giving in to desperation while 11 points back in the latest Marquette University poll, goes totally off the rails.

A press release from her campaign manager:

And a copy of her tweet from the home page of her campaign website:

Although I have never been a supporter of Sen. Vukmir, I haven’t been disrespectful of her nor called her names in these pages or elsewhere. While being totally opposed to her views on the issues, I am not willing to end the dialogue around the future of our state or nation. But this is just totally sick and should totally disqualify Sen. Vukmir for any further consideration as a public official.

The Wisconsin GOP should be backing away from her as quickly as possible.

Sorry that the images aren’t bigger and easier to read…click through to the link for the press release…it will help.


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2 thoughts on “A Desperate Leah Vukmir Finally Becomes Totally Unhinged

  1. My dad, from the WWII generation, always told me that at the end of the day all we have is our good name. I thought again of those words of wisdom while reading about Vukmir.
    I am no longer shocked by such words but am still appalled. At the end of Election Day can anyone be proud of what she has stooped to for a vote—and then lose that, too?

  2. What a very strange campaign she is running. Her whole focus seems to be on the people who will be voting for her anyway. She truly seems to have nothing to say to anyone else.
    Or does she think the whole state thinks this way, or that things haven’t changed (a little) since Walker took office?

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