A Desperate Scott Walker Pulls A Trump Diversion Out Of His Hat

In what seems like a copy cat move similar to President Trump moving 800 or 5000 or 15000 thousand troops to the border ahead of the mid-term elections to fire up his base…all of a sudden Governor Scott Walker is worried about election security and asks the Wisconsin National Guard Cybersecurity team be ready to assist in the Wisconsin elections.

First of all…it’s pretty damn late in the game.

Second of all…we should have been really working on these the past two years. NOW it’s an issue?

Is the governor getting ready to blame a loss on voting irregularities or cyber interference in vote counts? This whole cycle is really slipping into the realm of the ludicrous.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker on Friday activated Wisconsin National Guard troops for Election Day, saying he wants the Guard’s cybersecurity team ready to help election officials if needed.

Walker’s executive order authorized the Guard’s commander, Adjutant General Donald Dunbar, to provide “essential services” to the state Elections Commission.



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