Sean Duffy Aid

As we showed earlier in the week, Sean Duffy telling us of his financial woes. The poor guy is trying to make it on $174,000/yr. As Zach pointed out, it is hard to have 6 kids and 2 homes these days. In case you missed the video(the republicans have tried to censor the video), you can view it here!

Well some of us “elites” in the lower part of the state do not understand the plight of the poor in Northern Wisconsin.

The Ashland Current breaks it down for us:

While Ashland County’s poverty increased to 18 percent from 2005 to 2009, the greatest poverty decline in the state from 2005 to 2009 occurred in Bayfield County, where poverty fell from 13 percent to 11 percent.

In 2000 only two Wisconsin counties had poverty rates higher than 15 percent. But from 2005 to 2009 that number jumped to 10 counties – including Ashland.

So let’s not judge the Duffy family, as they are victims of their environment. The Democratic Party has made fun of Congressman Duffy, but I don’t think they are taking this seriously enough. I think we need to help Brother Sean and Sister Rachel out, so I am suggesting a few different ideas.

#1. Call his office and tell them that they are in your thoughts. No one should have to try and make ends meet on a measly $174,000/yr in Wisconsin!

Washington, DC Office
1208 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3365 or (855) 585-4251 (toll-free)
Fax: (202) 225-3240

Wausau Office
208 Grand Ave.
Wausau, WI 54403
Phone: (715) 298-9344

Ashland Office:(sorry none exist)

2. Invite Congressman Duffy to speak at your event. the combination of his Real World experience and solid family values will make him a dynamic speaker for any organization.

3. While The Duffy’s live in Ashland, WI and that is a little too far away for most of us to go help personally, here are a couple of places that are in need of donations. When you donate, be sure and mark your donation “to help the Sean Duffy family”

* The Brick Ministries, help provide services for approximately 600 families(601 now that we know the needs of Sean Duffy’s family), and that number is growing. They could use your help in stocking food shelves in Cornucopia, Melon, the Duffy pantry and soon to be in Cable WI. You can make a tax free donation here!

* Another organization that can use your help, to help the Duffy’s is Northwest Community Services Agency, According to their website:

NWCSA as a community-based organization is dedicated to the betterment of life of the low-income residents in its SDA. Wide arrays of programs are offered by way of assistance to alleviate the needs of the disadvantaged. The programs administered by NWCSA include Energy Assistance, Homeless Programs & Services, Food Pantries, TEFAP, WIC, Transportation Assistance, Judicare, RSVP, Free Store, Emergency Assistance, Rental Rehab and others. They need Volunteer help and monetary donations to make sure that the Duffy family(and other actually needy families) are taken care.

4. We are also in talks with Willie Nelson and Neil Young for a Sean Duffy benefit concert(details pending).


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39 thoughts on “Sean Duffy Aid

  1. We are trying to get as many performers as quickly as we can. We know that this has reached emergency proportions and the Duffy family will not be able to hold out much longer without our help!

  2. Maybe there would not be so much poverety in those areas if people went to other schools besides the goverment indoctrination camps. If they went to schools were teachers actually care about thier students instead of their paychecks like we see with union teachers they would have a better education and a better life. But the indoctrination camps teach children that the governement is a nanny state and will take care of them if they want. Union schools teach down to the level of their weakest students they do not encourage students to better themselves, they don’t want less successful kids to feel bad so they encourgae all students to strive to fail.

      1. OMG that is so fumy and original. Did you think of that all by yourself? You know even at 94 with her dementia I doubt it. What a loser you are, but then your a liberal I would not expect anything less from people like you.

  3. Thank you for your post ‘notalib’ there is much more to the story for the northland, yes there are poor here as there are EVERYWHERE, as for Bayfield County there are more government jobs there then most counties in this state! Amazingly so, Bayfield, Ashland and Douglas Counties have been ‘bluer – than – blue’ for MANY years – THAT IS THE PROBLEM, they keep people in the entilement mode and of course what happens when you get everything handed to you, well, why work for it, why not ‘take what I deserve’ that is the mentality in the northern portion of the state, the Representatives have been Democrats for YEARS, now they pick out Congressman Duffy (who WON the election after working VERY HARD – and replacing a ENTITLEMENT/EARMARK KING obey who had indoctrinated a whole generation of entitlement seekers) and they just don’t know how to act so they go on attack mode, good luck with that, we know the truth out here, we know how you ‘reply’ to what is really happening, you go after someone in full attack mode and try to knock them off what they are elected to do…not going to happen, Congressman Duffy is a hard working family man who is not going to ‘fold’ to your ‘bullying’ ways! I stand firm with Congressman Duffy and his family!

    1. Shirl, I’d love to hear you defend Congressman Duffy’s remarks. You did a remarkable job of attacking Democrats, but I’d love to hear you explain why you think what Rep. Duffy said is okay.

    2. Shirl,

      Dave Obey served Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district with distinction for over 40 years. Sean Duffy belongs in Hollywood; not Washington DC.

  4. Did I hear correctly that Congressman Duffy is second from the bottom of Congressmen in financial wealth? Why wouldn’t he mention that? I hope he continues to remind people of it. And since you claim to be raising money for him, I hope you also plan to give it to him.

    1. Sean Duffy belongs in Hollywood, not Washington DC.

      The sooner Duffy figures this out the better for him, his family, and the residents of the 7th congressional district of Wisconsin.

      Duffy is not, and never will be, congressional material. He’s a pretty boy out for fame and fortune and we up here in the northland deserve better.

  5. Joyce there is no way they will give any money raised to him. They are raising money under a false pretense and like a typical liberal they will just use other peoples money to line their own pockets. AFCSME union people will never work hard when they know they can just get it handed to them with little or no effort.Its the union way

  6. Zach, the I love Sean Duffy contingent all came through at once. Coordinated attempt t damage control perhaps?

    Joyce I recommend people give to the brick house including you. Mark it for the Duffy family. They currently work with 600 families in the Ashland area. I have no doubt. The duffys are the most needy in the area.

    1. No, they came through all at once because I moderate first-time commenters, which each of them was.

      I hadn’t had a chance to get on the internet until today….I’ve been busy in Sin City.

  7. Zach, did you see the WHOLE video clip or just what ‘they’ wanted you to see; I was at a townhall meeting that Congressman Duffy attended and someone ‘pounded’ him about his BIG salary (funny never heard anyone of you complain about obey getting his for 40 LONG YEARS) and Congressman Duffy explained that he had not even had a paycheck yet, (his first was Feb 1st – townhall I attended was right before that); anyway, he stated that he had left his job as DA in Ashland to campaign (didn’t feel right collecting his paycheck from the public while campaigning), he had not had a paycheck since June, which makes it 9 months when you have 6 kids to feed/cloth and a home well, I suppose you can get behind. My point being this ‘crap’ that the left pulls is just another tactic to pull him away from what he is supposed to do, represent the district in Washington, cut the crazy spending, cut the taxes, and do something that will create JOBS as the northland has NONE….as for the ‘games’ played I am SICK AND TIRED OF THEM, good grief, put the facts out there and let people make their own informed decision or is that the point of the left….”come drink the kool-aid and believe”…..sick of it! @ Jeff, no I didn’t contact any of my ‘friends’ to post, I just posted on my own, you know we can do that, I think for myself….unlike what I see you do….

    1. Shirl, as I said in another spot on this thread, I’m having a hard time mustering up sympathy for Sean Duffy, who willingly quit the job voters elected him to do so he could seek higher office. Perhaps Duffy should have thought about the financial repercussions of that decision before he dumped the citizens of Ashland County for a better gig.

  8. Shirley, I saw the whole video clip what did we take out of context? Sick and tired of games? Like parroting the Duffy campaigns talking points verbatim?

    Let’s look t some facts, he was making 90 k as a prosector. He left his job in july, started in January. In my book that’s 6 months. Can he really not manage his money that by doubling his salary he is hurting? Now you think he is even remotely qualified to handl ours?

    Let’s put the facts out there, he is behind the Scott walker take money from public workers plan, while he needs a raise at 174k yr? It’s the math teacher making 40 k that breaks us yet poor seamy is hurting? His contents are crying for him. So are the people I talked to at the brick and nwsca.

  9. No one is taking money away from the union worker, what the union worker is being asked to do what every other middle class taxpayer in this state already does pay for their own insurance, but for some reason the union worker has this entitlement mentality that they need to have the middle class pay for their insurance. It’s amazing the union worker whines and cries about osing money but they have no problem stealing from the rest of us.

    1. “No one is taking money away from the union worker.”

      Uh, $350 less per month in take home pay sure seems like someone’s taking money away.

      As for your comment that we’re stealing from you, I’ll just note that you’re a grade-A jackass. If you think state employees have it so great, go apply to be a corrections officer making $14 an hour to supervise murderers, rapists, and armed robbers, then tell me how great you think state employment really is.

      1. Again Zach no one is taking money from them. They are using the money they ear from their paycheck to pay for their bills, it is something we all do and it is something union people need to learn. This constant whine about losing money is just a sad attempt of unions to sound like victims when the reality is the middle class taxpayer that is forced to support the unions are the real victims.

        1. Ah, so that money that came out of my check….no one took that; it just vanished!

          I’ll tell my wife that.

          1. No the money that comes out of your check to pay for your healthcare and retirement is YOUR money THAT you are spending because you decided you wanted healthcare and a retirement fund. Very simple solution if you do not want to spend that money drop your health insurance and then you will have all of the cash you want, its your decision.

  10. Jeff, my name is Shirl, not Shirley…..first of all…you may not know this but he left his job the end of June, and said his first paycheck from being a Congressman was Feb 1st 2011; as for the Duffy campaign ‘parroting’ talking points…WHAT???
    I am not sure about “managing his money”, and I don’t think that is my or your business, frankly put….the math teachers I know make MUCH more than you posted, PUT THEIR BENE’S IN THERE TOO, WOULD YOU…and GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER has nothing to do with Congressman Duffy, do you not know the difference between serving the state and serving the nation?? As far as the people at the Brick, doesn’t suprise me at all, LIBERAL LEFT that think they know everything….NOT….keep putting the ‘crap’ and ‘kool-aid’ out there the weak will drink and listen…the strong will move right along and VOTE….

    1. Shirl, I absolutely disagree that Sean Duffy’s money management isn’t any of our business, and I’ll tell you why: because Sean Duffy made it our business. If Rep. Duffy didn’t want folks talking about his money management, then he shouldn’t have complained about how darn hard it is to make ends meet on $174,000, especially considering he was complaining to a guy who had just explained how he and his wife made far less than that and were having trouble making ends meet.

      As to your comment about Duffy leaving his previous job in June, let’s not forget that he made the decision to abandon the job he was elected to do in order to try for a promotion, so I’m having a hard time ginning up sympathy for him.

  11. Shirl, let’s be clear, you add the max benefits to the salary of a math teacher making 45 k year, but nit Sean Duffy making 174k yr who has way better benefits than the teacher?

    When did the builder, duffy’s constant, get his last paycheck? He is making ends meet on less than a third of that!

    If you consider “liberal left” a slur because they are helping the poor and needy,which Duffy refuses to do thinking he is one of them, then I will gladly wear the “liberal left” badge with honor.

    O yeah, all of us VOTE also. See you tuesday

  12. Jeff are you a teacher? I am not, I own a business, as for Congressman Duffy making 174K, good for him, he worked hard and was elected by the citizens, I think that is what ticks you off, he won, the Democrats LOST this seat for the first time in 40 years, I get it. The kool-aid is gone….obey is GONE, good ridens….
    Zach, I am not asking you to feel sympathy for Congressman Duffy at all.
    Steve, As for him belonging in Hollywood, well the voters didn’t see it that way, sorry….
    I probably won’t come back to this site as I know it will not do me any good, wasting my time trying to talk to people that believe something so very different than I. That is what amazes me the most about what is going on in our state, and country that we can be so divided on issues, it is frightening really….so I leave you with what I believe, I agree to disagree with you and move on, I support Congressman Duffy in what he is trying to accomplish in a place that not many would want to go; I also stand firmly by Governor Walker and the Legislators that STAYED AND DID THEIR JOBS….as for comparing salaries from a Congressman to a Public Employee, they both are public employees just different parts, one is federal, one is state, by the way President Jimmy Carter got rid of bargaining rights for Federal Employees way back in the 70’s….
    as for the poor just because you are a dem doesn’t mean you ‘care more about the poor’ if you really think that then I am very sad for you….one last point, I am not against any union nor have I ever been as a matter of fact my business used to be union until we priced ourselves so far out of the bidding war we couldn’t get jobs….due to what the union wanted from us…so we are no longer union and like it that way, we can actually run our business now!
    All your protesting has hurt your cause, people that NEVER paid attention are now asking questions and when you work at a Perkins or a Holiday Gas Station making minimum wage well a teachers salary (which by the way in this county average teacher makes $47,000 plus benefits of $28,000 so total pck of $75,000) for 184 days of work, well, I bet you can guess what they are thinkig, ‘poor teachers’….hummm NOT! You guys have a great day….and yes, I will be at the polls Tuesday….with the silent majority!

    1. “I probably won’t come back to this site as I know it will not do me any good, wasting my time trying to talk to people that believe something so very different than I.”

      Shirl, I’m not sure what you expected to accomplish on a liberal blog, but you won’t find many folks here who are swayed by what you have to say, just as I’m sure you’re not swayed by much that we have to say.

    2. Shirl,

      You are welcome here anytime, but please bring more to the table than a bunch of regurgitated talking points given to you by the Duffy campaign. Discussions on this site are much more deeper than that and you insult everyone when that is all that you bring.

      Sean Duffy appreciates it but i doubt anyone else does. The duffy’s would love to have you over for dinner but since he only makes $174/k yr I doubt he could afford to feed you. By the way what is the cost of his health insurance because we need to add that to the total of his meager compensation!

  13. Shirl what Jeff is saying the discussions on this site center around Democratic talking points. As long as you head-bob in agreement with that here you will be fine but if you dare bring a viewpoint that does not agree with the far left agenda of today’s Democrat party you will be attacked and marginalized. You will find Shirl several different camps here, Zach who portrays himself as the fair handed, Jeff who will engage you but in a very roundabout way never directly and then they few who are the approved attack dogs here who have the free reign to post any vile message they want. Its an entertaining bunch to say the least but a very typical site just another talking point place for the far left agenda.

    1. It’s funny to see you of all people attacking others for using talking points, considering your heavy reliance on talking points.

      And considering some of the things you’ve written here, you’re in no position to judge anyone else for the attacks they’ve made.

  14. Based on the troll postings here, it’s obvious they hate education. I lost count on the badly spelled words and terrible grammar. Funny thing: I was educated in public schools and bothered to learn the language I was raised to speak. I also learned to type, check my spelling and grammar, and was taught to rely on facts instead of stupid opinions.

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