Alt Right Fellow Traveler Maine Edition

Maine Governor Paul LePage is a Donald Trump wannabe all the way to the circles of hell. His defense of the alt right in Charlottesville and equating them with the counter protesters parrots Pres. Trump right down the line…but wait…he has to go the president one better…he doesn’t compare Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee to President George Washington…nope…too easy…he’s got to go down a far fierier path:

Taking down statues of Confederate figures is “just like” removing a monument to victims of the 9/11 attacks, Gov. Paul LePage said Thursday, adding that the white nationalist and far-left protesters in Charlottesville over the weekend were “equally as bad” and “disgusting.”

LePage, echoing President Donald Trump, said he condemns “both sides” that went to the city with the intent of inciting violence.

LePage said left-wing protesters who want to remove Confederate statues are ignorant of history and want to erase it. He compared them to “the Taliban in Afghanistan” in their desire to remove monuments.

“How can future generations learn if we’re going to erase history? That’s disgusting,” he said. “They should study their history — they don’t even know the history of this country and they are trying to take monuments down.

Don’t know history? I am thinking they know history all too well and realize the hate represented by these statues is anti-American and must not stand. And we know what Nazis are all about and must insure that they never succeed in spreading their message beyond their mixed up core followers.

Thankfully this man is term limited and will be replaced as governor in 2018…but I shudder to think how he ever got elected in the first place.


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  1. Anti Fa, Alt left is worse than the Alt right. They have been rioting all year on campuses and in chartottesville.

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