Open Letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel aka JSOnline

Our regular readers know that I use the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (and their website) as the source for a lot of facts in my blogs for things Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Over the past several weeks I have wanted to include links to letters to the editor and write responses or reactions to those letters. But their damn web page for letters in the opinion section is stuck at June. And no, usually I wouldn’t burden you with this trifling…but I’ve written to them twice on their web page but nothing has been fixed. Now I know that they have people who monitor Blogging Blue…so I am reaching out to you. Let the webmasters know that they are doing an absolutely horrible job of reaching your audience with your content!


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3 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel aka JSOnline

    1. LOL! yet you took the time to read it and respond…I think you need to heed your own advice…thanks for stopping by!

  1. Ed, You’re assuming Tom has a clue as to the meaning of irony. Not something for which Tom or conservatives are aware.

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