Two Reasons Why Biodiversity Is Really Important:

We often read about plants and animals becoming extinct and how those lost plants and animals may have provided the cure for cancer or epilepsy or such. And in large part we all shrug and silently shake our heads in agreement and forget it and go on our merry way…but we would be wrong and science is right! And here’s two wild examples on why we should protect and celebrate all of the natural environment:

Zika virus can kill brain tumor cells, researchers discover: Now researchers at Washington University say they have shown that the Zika virus can kill stem cells in brain tumors in the lab. Zika is a mosquito-borne virus that can cause severe brain damage in the developing fetus if the mother catches the virus when pregnant. Since Zika affects stem cells in the fetus’ brain, scientists theorized that it might be able to infect stem cells in brain tumors.

Tick saliva may be a secret ingredient to help HIV patients: Tick saliva-the same fluid that sets the stage for feeding on their hosts by blocking blood coagulation-is now part of experiments examining ways to reduce heart disease in people living with HIV. Their risk of heart attack and stroke is nearly double that of the general population, according to a study last year. That risk was found even in people whose virus is undetectable in their blood because of antiretroviral drugs.


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