Government Shutdown: Trump Owns This One

The Senate didn’t pass the budget extension act that had passed the House earlier in the week and the federal government went into its first shutdown since 2013. Pointing fingers and the blame game started even before it was obvious that an agreement wouldn’t be reached. Of course the federal government is controlled by the Republican Party since they have majorities in both the House and the Senate and President Trump in the White House. But this shutdown belongs totally the the president.

A: The GOP is blaming the Democrats for their refusal to move forward without a resolution for the Dreamers…those young people who are affected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Well if President Trump hadn’t pulled the plug on DACA last fall and dumped it in the lap of Congress with an artificial end date in March of 2018…there’d be nothing to talk about right now. So instead of leaving well enough alone…the president created an artificial crisis.

B: Recently the president stated he would take the heat and sign whatever DACA/immigration proposal that a bipartisan Congress would hash out. Congress took him at his word and brought a bipartisan bill to the White House last week. The president promptly trashed it and angered elected officials on both sides of the aisle. If he had acquiesced as he had promised that bill would have passed and DACA would have been off the table for the budget continuation.

So President Trump owns this…all of this.

But there is some blame to be shared by the GOP as well…if an actual budget had been passed on time…something that seems to be harder and harder to accomplish each year…we wouldn’t need these continuation bills either. Crisis totally averted.

The one upside…someone in the White House convinced President Trump to stay in Washington instead of flying off to Florida for the weekend.


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8 thoughts on “Government Shutdown: Trump Owns This One

  1. You mean a GOP held hostage by a fringe of clueless old white men who get their “facts” from Faux News and InfoWars, and whose main bond in the last 8 years was “hate the Black President” and “find ways to give more money to the rich” now has a problem governing?

    I’m shocked, aren’t you? Wait, no I’m not.


  2. Ahhh yes, the modern twisted Democratic Party of America… More concerned about expanding their voting block with immigrants (legal OR illegal, natch), than paying the bills.

    Let the Schumer Shutdown continue! Let ’em roast, I say.

    1. WashCoGOP, what a revealing response (“More concerned about expanding their voting block…Let ’em roast”). Few but the Grothman GOP types recognise this as a shutdown caused by the extremes of any Dems.

      My dad used to be the membership chairman for the county GOP, and he left their Party just because of things like NAFTA and your ignorant new-breed “conservatism” that has no interest in governing and promotes things like Charlottesville.

      I imagine you’re from a family of immigrants, as I am, so you shouldn’t hate others that also choose to leave another country to come here. That the GOP continues this attitude will only lead to it’s own demise. Good riddance.

  3. The Republicans control all branches of government, they already were granted a continuing resolution and they have failed to enact a budget.

  4. Now that the Dems have caved and allowed the “Schumer Shutdown” to end, it’s clear this was a Progressive tactic without an underlying strategy.

    Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
    -Sun Tzu

    The Shutdownatross, like the Obamatross (ACA) of 2010, helps doom any chance of democratic electoral success in 2018.

  5. So is this pragmatic government, or a sell-out? I wonder if Baldwin will have a primary opponent….

    1. This was a pragmatic move, a shut down is not good. Chip funding was secured for children’s health care. I am all for an open primary process, but Senator Baldwin is doing a great job representing the citizens of Wisconsin in the United States Senate. Democrats in Wisconsin should be trying to win the Governor’s election, Congressional and State House seats in General Elections.

      DACA will have to be worked out at a later date, but if Republicans take the extreme road and start shipping people out of our country against their will, in less than a year an election will be held. If Democrats win majorities in congress then Comprehensive Immigration Reform is on the table and DACA is one aspect of that broader package.

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