Cathy Myers files FEC complaint against Randy Bryce

This is a curious development in the Democratic primary in the first Congressional district.

Cathy Myers filed a Federal Election Commission complaint Thursday against her Democratic foe Randy Bryce, claiming he converted campaign funds to personal use in violation of election law.

Myers and Bryce are locked in a primary fight in the 1st Congressional District and are hoping to succeed House Speaker Paul Ryan of Janesville, who is retiring at the end of his term. Five Republicans are also running in a primary.

In her complaint, Myers cited a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about a long-time debt Bryce owed a former girlfriend.

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Bryce’s ex-girlfriend, Rhonda Slechta, said the check for $4,245.73 came in November from the Milwaukee-based law firm Halling & Cayo and was personally delivered by one of the firm’s attorney’s, Jeremy Levinson.

Bryce’s campaign paid Halling & Cayo $7,703.73 on Jan. 30, but officials said that sum was unrelated to the payment made to his ex-girlfriend.

Since Mary Spicuzza’s original article on about the circumstances surrounding the repayment of a $4,200 debt owed by Randy Bryce to an ex-girlfriend some have had questions about how the debt was repaid, so it’s no entirely surprising Cathy Myers’ campaign – which is led by individuals who have a history of running negative campaigns – decided to file a formal complaint with the FEC.


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2 thoughts on “Cathy Myers files FEC complaint against Randy Bryce

  1. The complaint seems reasonable to me. What is left out is the $5000 payment from Wavecrest consulting(Mike Tate’s company) to Bryce for his services. Something is not right with this because there is nothing that Bryce could tell Tate that he already doesn’t know. Everyday more comes out that shows us how flawed a candidate Bryce is. It also shows how the powers to be run the show and they will do whatever it takes to win.

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