Yet another lie Republicans have told me

One day this week, while sitting in my office listening to the radio (in a concrete building with walls so thick that I can only get WKLH) I was assaulted with a foul pack of lies masquerading as an issue ad from Vote Yes For Democracy. I thought my head would explode. The radio spot makes outrageous claims such as by voting yes for the amendment, you will prevent Father Time from making the decision. Or that the position of Chief Justice is inherited, just like the monarchy.  And it is done in a condescending manner that is supposed to be witty, I guess.  What annoys me the most is the co-opting of the “Stand up for Democracy” slogan. And it plays twice an hour. Such bullshit…it should be against the law.

I couldn’t find the ad on the internet, but Charlie Sykes has a short video that gives you a taste of it.

As of late, I feel like the WI state constitution is being used as if it were toilet paper by the GOP-dominated legislature. Right now is when we need to start fighting back. Right here, right now. For the last 125 years, the system of allowing the most experienced Judge to be the Chief Justice has worked well. Voters have the power to re-elect that judge knowing that he or she will be Chief Justice–which is the essence of democracy, don’t you think? Here’s why you should Vote NO on Question One.


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12 thoughts on “Yet another lie Republicans have told me

  1. We saw identical local press releases from several “R” state, “Representatives,” quoting from a survey of a total of 680 state-wide voters by a two person firm who conducted the phone survey with a push poll question insinuating the seniority selection process was wrong or broken.

    Bottom of page 3:

    So approximately 12 – 20 people from each district influenced the decision of Assembly Reps to vote with the party line to move this question to an April 7, vote and also use this survey as an excuse to justify their party line vote to unseat Justice Abrahamson from leadership.

    From our and other R, Reps, “This is democracy in action. I look forward to bringing merit to the selection of the chief justice.”

    Insinuating of course, that there was no “merit,” to seniority and that Justice Abrahamson being elected to her office for three consecutive terms was NOT democratic selection.

    Copy the info and sentences and if your locality is still taking election letters to the editors, use it.

    1. (Right now is when we need to start fighting back. Right here, right now. For the last 125 years, the system of allowing the most experienced Judge to be the Chief Justice has worked well. Voters have the power to re-elect that judge knowing that he or she will be Chief Justice–which is the essence of democracy, don’t you think? Here’s why you should Vote NO on Question One.)

      I don’t follow the logic in this statement by the author. Is she suggesting that if people vote against the sitting chief justice at Her/His next election than they are acutally casting a vote for the next most senior justice in line to become chief justice. Maybe Bradley should actively campaign against Abrahamson when Abrahamson runs so she can be the new chief justice…

      1. That you cannot follow the logic is no surprise.

        Voters state-wide voted for Abrahamson and elected her in three consecutive elections for 10-year terms, because they trust her proven judicial knowledge, fairness and ethics.

        Three elections “won,” shouldn’t apply to her, but we sure hear that reason used as an excuse for an absentee governor who’s too busy to hang out in the state and put in some hours to earn his salary. STFU whiner.

  2. Does anyone know how the Bradly campaign is doing, I have not scene much of a presence so far, but I hope she wins. the republicans really network for these elections, I see daley signs everywhere.

  3. Lets all think about this together… What other body of elected officials choose their leader based entirely on the time spent in office? The house, the senate, school boards, Huh…

    One of these days when the two longest acting judges aren’t liberal in nature and the overall swing of the court is liberal people on this blog will be lining up to change the constitution. Once again the hypocrites come out in full force. (Kind of like how many democrats voted for the voter ID law when Doyle was in office, because they knew he would veto it so they could look good for their constituents.)

    1. That would first require you to have ANY ability to join in on that intellectual togetherness, eh?

      As the Chief Justice is the Chief of all state judges, I don’t mind if the Chief Justice is selected by a vote of all those judges deciding which Justice of the WI Supreme Court they all wish to be their chief. That would be around 250 active judges voting. Couldn’t find the number of Reserve Judges but whose picture is in the sidebar welcoming you to the WI court system?

      If you are going to spout charges of hypocrisy, link to the pertinent figures.

    2. jharp, the only person on this thread who needs to “think” is you.” Everyone else “follows the oligarchs’ money.”

      “In every single one of the most recent elections for the court’s four Republican justices — Justices David Prosser, Michael Gableman, Annette Ziegler, and Patience Roggensack — spending by WiCFG, its surrogates, and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) amounted to almost all of the independent support for the candidate. Together, the two groups and their surrogates have spent over $10 million since 2007 helping elect the court’s four-justice conservative majority, in most cases spending more than the candidates themselves. Some of the elections were decided by just a handful of votes.”

      From the new managing editor of the JS: “Public access ensures transparent, accountable government.”

      “…1. We asked the state Supreme Court to keep open oral arguments on John Doe investigations into possible illegal campaign coordination in the 2012 recall elections. Our state courts have always been open to the public; that transparency is important in this case. Did an overzealous district attorney misuse the secret Doe process to trample the rights of political opponents? Did the governor contradict his own call for transparency in campaign contributions to funnel secret donations to key advertising markets? Are state campaign finance laws constitutional? The good people of Wisconsin need to know. Late Friday, the court denied our petition and said it would hear no arguments….”

  4. My gut feeling is that she’s going to lose. I hate to say that, but I don’t have a lot of faith in this state’s voters or the ability of the Democratic Party to get out of the vote when it counts.

      1. I’m shocked!

        Not really. If substantiated, Daley would not be the first spineless, job protecting, conscienceless judge to sell his decision/vote and ultimately his soul to the “special interests.”

      2. P.S. “The group endorsing Daley, Wisconsin Right to Life (WRTL)…”

        Thanks, nonquixote for the link. No surprise here; it appears the anti abortionists will endorse any “Right to Life” advocate. I wonder if that includes doctor assassins and clinic bombers?

        WRTL is a one issue, phoney Pro-Life group in my opinion totally ignoring the “born” or vastness of living human beings preyed upon by the “tyranny” of “Unfettered Capitalism” and the resulting huge “income disparity” occurring during the last two decades. Or to use another older term for “income disparity, “robbing from the poor to give to the rich” is appropriate.

        Thanks to Pope Francis, for revealing his priority and who or what is the real major problem, as well as the enablers such as the WRTL, in contributing to the economic pain or death of the middle class.

        With the WRTL and GOP false priority or focus on only abortion, a large ;part of the middle class has been enslaved by or reduced to a “cotton picking” wage level.

        In recent years, my local community has had a major increase in the activity and creation of food pantries. At one local outlet this past XMAS,, I observed one “old fart” donate 500 lbs of flour and 400 lbs. of sugar among the many items for distribution. I was told that this one food pantry feeds 150 families consisting of over 500 persons. “Oh the humannity.”

        While it may be of no interest to many, Pope Francis said the Solemn Mass of Palm Sunday in Rome yesterday. He asked all to pray “for those seeking the truth” and “for the poor and suffering.” No mention was made or suggested regarding the “unborn.”


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