GOP Hopefuls Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson on healthcare

I didn’t bother to watch or listen to the GOP US Senate debate last night (btw: Charles Barman, Griffin Jones and George Lucia should be pissed)…but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel coverage included these ‘quips’ on healhcare:

First State Senator Leah Vukmir:

Asked if health care was a privilege or a right, Vukmir said, “Health care is important for all individuals.” She said under Obamacare “we have not created an affordable health care system.”

“We have a broken health care system,” she said, adding the issue needs to be brought back to the states.

Well I agree that the health care system is broken…but I would like to actually hear her answer to the original question. Is health care a privilege or a right? Here at Blogging Blue we are reserving health care as a right. As for bringing it back to the states, I don’t think the states can handle it and it should be portable across the entire United States…not something you have to redo any time you move to another state.

And businessman Kevin Nicholson?

Nicholson said “health care is one of a series of services … you can go out in the market and buy.” He said prices can’t be set.

“Price transparency, consumer choice and recent honest ability to save money in health care savings accounts will drive down the cost of health care.”

Asked about protections for those with pre-existing conditions, Nicholson pointed to high-risk pools, which were available in Wisconsin before implementation of Obamacare.

The free market? That is absolutely the worst possible solution ever…

Obviously we wouldn’t support either of these candidates…but I have to point out that they have absolutely abysmal positions on health care for Americans and shouldn’t even be candidates in the Republican ballot.


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