President Trump’s Most Unpleasant Day In Pleasure California

Admittedly I am not a fan of President Donald Trump…and have been sharing some of the memes and cartoons being published at his expense…around his miscues, misstatements, and misinformation about the California fires. And one of my friends called me out for making fun of the president after I posted this meme:

He said I shouldn’t be making fun of the president. My response…the president doesn’t seem to be taking his responsibilities seriously and I don’t feel any obligation to take him seriously. And that is actually sad. That someone thinks the president is still defensible and that I can’t take our president seriously.

But then we continued, that the loss of life and property are not funny. That nearly 800 people still missing is not funny. And those things evoke no humor in me or anyone that I know. Which is why it is so discouraging that our president can spend time flying to California and talking to people involved and tour an area of utter destruction…and not even know where he is.

And this is the president who just a week or so ago suggested that he should cut federal aid to California because they had so mismanaged their forests.

So my friend challenged me and my followers to come up with solutions for fire season in California. I don’t have one. I am not a forest management expert. I am not a fire fighting expert. I am not a urban planner. So I don’t have an answer. (when asked for his solution…crickets) And he suggested that the president isn’t all of these things either…although people expect them to be. NO that isn’t right. We know presidents aren’t experts in everything. But we do expect them to utilize the powers and expertise of the federal government…the resources at their command…the people who work for them in Washington. There are experts he can call.

Instead of saying: “it’s not acceptable”, I expect him to say: “I am here with my FEMA director and they are working with their counterparts in CA to make sure all of the displaced people have shelter and food and clean water. I am here with my staff from Homeland Security and they are working with their counterparts to help in identifying/searching for victims and locating people on the lists of missing persons…and when I get back to Washington, I will meet with my Sec. of the Interior and the US Forest Service and provide CA with planning assistance and whatever best practices in forest management that we can provide. And if they need federal dollars to prevent future catastrophes like this, we will provide what we can.”

I expect the president to lead.

Now there is something we can do to help in California. HERE is the link to the American Red Cross donation site. Click on the drop down list and select California Wildfires and give what you can. I have already done this.



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